Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My apologies for the old posts showing up as new. I was making some of them live again, and well, because I either corrected a typo or deleted an obsolete link, Blogger decided to make them new posts instead of posting them in chronological order, which would have put them in 2003.

So no, you didn't fall through a time warp.

I'm also sorry for those of you who are on feeds and thought there may have been a new post when there wasn't. I did have a nice post about taking up figure skating. However, Blogger ate it when I was using the "undo" function. It was a nice long post, too. With pictures. However, like most of my posts lately, they take way too long to write and languish in the "Draft" stage for way too long.

Perhaps I'll start a new blog about that endeavor, as it's been an a wonderful experience. I think I just figured out why it's been so hard to post on this one. I feel that it's loaded with so much baggage, and when I write, I honestly can feel the weight of it. I started blogging in 2001, but started this blog in 2002. It is a literal, that word actually is used correctly here, connection to things from those years. There is a lot that while I know is valid part of my odd journey, that it just isn't where I am anymore. I also have changed a lot when it comes to perspective, handling things, what I consider successes and things that need to be in the past. There is a lot to mine from this blog as far as my take on this thing called life, and I'm going to do that.

I guess in deleting that post, Blogger was trying to tell me something. That my work may be done here. Not on blogging, but on Anne...straight from the hip. And, that the piece I was writing didn't belong here.

If I do decide to create another blog, I'll link to it from here.