Thursday, May 08, 2014

I'm starting to realize that I have a natural clock built in for blog posts. Again, almost to the month, I think, "I haven't posted in a while."

I've mentioned this before, that there are many reasons for my slow down. Blogging, and its place, risks have changed dramatically. Before, even though I said up front who I was and where I worked, I felt comfortable spouting to the world. This included my less attractive parts, because that was life and part of being real. However, now there's too much at risk. As a result, I've lost some of my motivation for it. I'm sorry for this, as I've heard many people say I'm the first blog they read, mainly because I was one of the first, and then when my blog was chosen as a "Blog of Note by Blogger back in 2003, my readership went to the stratosphere. Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, was quoting me on his own blog. Biz at the time, was a blog advocate at Google after they bought Blogger. I'm sure I have some of the details wrong, but he is the one who chose my blog for the Blog of Note honor.

After that, I was interviewed by newspapers, and my blog was featured on many articles about blogging where I wasn't interviewed. In July of 2008, I even got this email from Scotland: 

"Hi Anne
Years ago I was listening to the radio and they discussed the concept of "blogging" and yours was the website they talked about. So I typed that in and began to read your diary/blog..." 

The thought of my words floating over foreign lands, and radio hosts discussing my blog in Scotland was just so incredible. There is something so pure and real about that. I spoke, they picked it up and not just carried it on, but scattered it further. And, the person who wrote the email above happened to be standing in one of the places it landed. I didn't promote my blog, nor post links to it anywhere. It just found its way to those in the most organic way possible. And, there weren't blogging repercussions, just thoughts and words. To this day, I haven't been able to find out what radio station it was on. I'd contacted the person who emailed me, and he couldn't remember. Too bad, as I'd love to get my hands on a recording.

Around that same time, which was probably around mid 2003, I was also contacted by a DJ at a radio station in Colorado who asked my permission to read some of my posts on their radio show. It was just incredible. And yes, I envisioned passages from my blog snaking through the tall grass plains, over rivers and navigating the rocky mountains.

Now, I can't see that happening. Through the years, my readership has come down from the stratosphere and leveled out. And, the magic of being discovered by those who might resonate with something I wrote has been diminished by shameless promoters, keyword specialists and professional bloggers, many who can't write worth a shit. That raw audience has been fatigued by over stimulation, bad content and social media.

I count myself among them. 


Anonymous said...

That was me who contacted you from Scotland all those years ago and i'm still following your blog - and no, i still cant remember the radio station but it was probably Radio 4 or 5 or wishes....Sandy

batplug said...

....been reading your blog for god knows how many years now ... enjoyed 'our' cross continent trips .... still here and still looking forward to your posts.

John said...

I'll include myself in the leveled out readership for as long as you post. I'm not sure what inspires you to write what you write, but I thought as a reader I should share what I look forward to. I'm a pretty techy person, and in your blog I look forward to finding someone genuinely committed to creative work, outlets and media. I think you have a talent for it, and it brings a smile to my face when you write about how you've engaged or created an outlet for it through work or more personal means.

If you do continue that's great, and I'm hoping the future brings inspiration that you can share with your readers for the time to come.

In the meantime, thanks for sharing and count me in as your levelled readership for the foreseeable future.


Anne said...

Sandy, thank you so much. And how GREAT to hear from you! So glad you're still in the blogosphere!

Anne said...

Thank you so much batplug. And love the name.

Anne said...

Wow John, thank you so much. I'm so glad you found me, and it's readers like yourself that are the reason I'm still at it, albeit at a tad of a slower pace. One of the things I treasure most about this blog is it introduced me to you and I got to "know" you over the years. Your positive attitude and optimism have inspired me when I've hit some rough spots. Thank you for sharing why you read, and I'm so glad to hear it puts a smile on your face.

batplug said...

My rss reader caught the first few lines of the post you pulled for probably obvious reasons today. Being a cat person myself and having shared some of your previous posts on Atticus I'm very sad to hear the news. Keep the good memories .... no cat could hope for a better partner than yourself.

Priyanca said...

Hi Anne,
I've been reading your blog for about 12 to 13 years now - through my move from Singapore, where I grew up, to New Zealand where I live now. I love your writing and very often things that you write about resonate with me! Cheers, Priyanca