Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shannon and I make LA Weekly.Shannon and I saw The Black Angels on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving at the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood where we were snapped by a cool photographer for the LA Weekly. The photographer was covering the show for a slide show piece in the paper, of which we became a part of. The show was sold out and freakin' phenomenal, with the band's psych rock amplifying over our heads, through our bodies and throughout the venue in deep thick, rolling waves. The singer's voice floated on top of it all in melodic, wanting tones bathed in wandering wisdom. The Black Angels have an awesome sound that translates incredibly live. It was a great way to kick off my almost four day weekend. You can see the entire slide show from the event here, with our slide in its original size, here.

We've been having actual November-ish weather here, with the nighttime temps dipping down into the 20s accompanied by gusty wind. It made for a perfect holiday. Today, the gusts are even more fierce, so it actually sounds like November. It was a cold and windy night, as dusk descended into darkness...

I had yet another Thanksgiving with Shannon's family who were kind enough to have me. I've spent several T-days at his sister's or mom's house. I brought a bottle of Prosecco and his sister cooked up a delicious meal. His little nephews, sons of his brother and wife, who were also there, said the blessing. So cute. I think one of the boys is in kindergarten and the other in second grade. They were full of energy, sweet-natured and fun. I'd met them before a couple of times, once at Shannon's grandmother's birthday.

I also saw on Wednesday that I had an invite from Cathy and Reese via Facebook, and had a quick temptation to do both. However, I realized that everything would be too rushed. I went to their house last year and it was great fun. It's funny how I didn't grow up here, but I have made wonderful friends who are always making sure that when I don't travel or have guests for Thanksgiving, that I have a place to go. When my mom and Jack have come here for Christmas, we've eaten at The Peninsula Hotel and The Four Seasons Hotel for Christmas dinner. Both were excellent, unique experiences. The Four Seasons had a desert area that looked like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

I'm up to 21 pounds with my weight loss which puts me almost at my goal. I feel awesome. I'm finishing this post on a Monday night, and due to my ever increasing difficulty in waking up in the morning, I'm going to make sure that I'm in bed no later than 11:30 this entire week and see if that helps. It seems obvious, but my night nature is so good at convincing me that staying up just a little later won't hurt. Now that I have a new audio book, that at least is an added temptation to slip under the covers.

There's a lot more to write, but it's already 11:11 PM. Just enough time to leisurely brush my teeth and wash my face.