Sunday, September 19, 2010

I had a neat thing happen through Flickr a couple weeks ago. A man who lived in the San Francisco area found my picture that I took of my Calleen Cordero cuff and contacted me about it. He was looking for a cuff for his girlfriend, and did an image search on Flickr to get ideas for what he thought she would like. He also had a Flickr account, and emailed me through their mail system. I emailed him back and gave him the store information and website, which listed all the stores that carried her designs and how I came about mine. I added that the last time I was in the Calleen Cordero store on Beverly, that I'd heard chatter about Calleen retiring the cuff design and that perhaps if he told the story how he found it, they might be persuaded into making one more. Of course, I added that his girlfriend was very lucky to have a boyfriend that put so much thought into her gifts. And, that she was going to love the cuff. Every day that I wear mine, I get comments on it from people. The last being a cool, great-looking edgy couple that asked me about it at a gas station. They were filling up next to me, and were extremely complimentary. They also wanted to know where I got it. But back to the Flickr guy, who did manage to find one at a store who carried her line, and after they sent pictures of the two they had, planned on purchasing one. Well, imagine my surprise, when I get an email saying that the same man had extended my Flickr Pro account for an entire year. Turns out, he works for Flickr and as a token of his appreciation extended my account. Awesome! Of course, I sent him and email telling him how thrilled I was. And the greatest thing, is I was more than happy to help someone on their endeavor to give someone they loved an awesome gift.

It's the second time within a couple months that someone has given me something for free without my expecting it. First, there was the guy who fireproofed my burlap for free, and now this.

Speaking of projects, I've started another one. The crappy scrubby garden area outside my apartment door finally got on my last nerve. After asking the landlord to rip up the horrible thorn bushes for the last couple years and offering to plant it myself, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Let me just start with saying that they never ever prune the garden. So, it was left up to yours truly to cut back the awful bushes that would creep over the walkway toward my apartment. The plant in question is called Asparagus Fern. It's not only ugly, it's on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s list of invasive species as a Category II invasive and according to the ASPCA, is toxic to both dogs and cats. Other sites list it as a "noxious weed" which strangles the roots of other plants. Nice.

Anyway, I started tearing up these hideous bushes which have roots like something out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Thick coarse roots with pods...yes, pods on the end of them, topped off by a stump-like root cluster. About half way through my endeavor, I had just yanked out a particularly nasty root cluster that left about a foot deep crater near the container wall. When I reached my hand in to dig out the remaining roots, I dunked my hand in water that was rising up through the ground. For weeks, the landlords had been looking for the source of an underground leak in the pool area. The health department was on them about it and they were just about to rip up a huge part of the pool patio area to locate it. Well, when I pulled out my hand and waterlogged glove, I realized I'd just found it, simply by ripping up a few ugly plants that the landlord didn't want to deal with. I told them about it the next morning and sure enough, when they investigated, found that the leak was from a pipe near where I was gardening. Exactly opposite from where they were going to jackhammer up the patio.

Um, yeah.

Either way, I've really enjoyed having a physically demanding creative project. That area was so ugly, and now it's almost ready to be prettied up. I also bought some solar accent lights that look really nice. Before I plant anything, I'm going to make sure all those horrid asparagus ferns are away for good.

Work tomorrow. Bed calls me.