Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shannon and I hung out at Boardner's a couple weeks ago, a bar with a past. The Black Dahlia used to hang there frequently before she met her grisly demise. Perhaps her killer did too. It was a great night with an interesting mix of people, feeling more like a quirky local bar in a David Lynch film than a place located right in the heart of Hollywood. After finding front row street parking, a complete impossibility on a Friday night in Hollywood, we maneuvered through the tacky high-skirted twenty-somethings tottering awkwardly around in their high heels to be greeted by a huge African-American doorman who like the bar, had seen some things in his time.

Shannon and Me @ Boardners in Hollywood

When we entered, we left Hollywood present and ventured into its past. We settled into a booth and enjoyed conversation, hysterical laughs, eclectic people watching and drinks. A waitress from Bulgaria waited on us. I enjoyed a pomegranate cosmo.

Me @ Boardners in HollywoodShannon took me here when I first moved back to Los Angeles in 2007, and I remember that night so well. I was new to an old city, and reuniting with an old friend. Everything that was old, was new again. I wasn't dressed for a night out, in fact I'm not even sure that most of my clothes had arrived yet, but I didn't care. I was back in Los Angeles and in the company of a best friend to ease me back into living here again. It was weird to be back, walking familiar streets that had changed so much in just five years. New bars, stores, complexes, but the same air and tall palm trees. On our way out, we passed a group of about ten girls coming from another club. They were supporting their friend who was more than three sheets to the wind. She looked at us gleefully and said drunkenly, "I'm twenty-one."

Her friends giggled, especially when we brightened and wished her a happy birthday.

It was a good night and a good welcome back.

I'm going through the same thing at Disney, in my same job, but different. And like I felt about Los Angeles then, I'm so thankful to be back there. The new-oldness is starting to even out into being my present, and I'm able to plan things. I'm so much better with structure than without, even though I will never, ever be a morning person.

A friend and I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and it was fantastic. Before that, we joined one of her friends who also works for Disney, for sushi on the West Side. Delicious sushi and I really liked the friend. Just a good, positive energy. Another good night.

Now, bed and my audio book awaits.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yeah, I know.

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and blog. Outside, at Starbucks, a soft wind blowing, and the realization that I really needed to put lotion on my hands today. Not a purty sight. There's a drug store a few doors down and I'm going to slip in there and rub one of their samples over my dry mitts. They have several fancy lotions, candles and perfumes, and samples galore. I should have known, having taken an extra long shower this morning that I'd leave myself with hands that look like crepe paper.

The job is going really well, and my contract was just renewed for a few more months. They are very happy with my work, and I'm happy to be there. I feel like I've gotten my life back in a way, and that's a great feeling. It was one of my favorite jobs, and even though I knew it was contract, and still do, it was hard to let go. Though I'm prepared for anything, it will again be hard to let go when the time comes. Especially, when you get to go to release events like the Toy Story 3 we all went to last week. Disney knows how to throw a party, that's for sure.

As celebration of my contract getting extended, I bought this:

My new cuff from Calleen Cordero

It's a handcrafted leather cuff by Calleen Cordero. I was on a weeks long waiting list for it and got the call on Friday that three had come in. I came in and chose my turquoise stone, then wore it out of the store. It's just gorgeous in person, and every cuff is unique. Also, the shopping experience there is extremely pleasant. You can tell the people really like working there and love the product.

I found out about the cuff in a very interesting way. After a business trip to New York, I happened to be on the same airport parking lot shuttle with a woman who was wearing one and noticed it immediately. I asked her where she got it, and she shocked me when she said, "I made it." Turns out, she was Calleen Cordero herself, and after a nice conversation, she gave me her card. Months later, I visited her store on Beverly Blvd. to buy one and found it was the "it" cuff right now. Meaning, sold out. This is also because not many exist. I put myself on the waiting list and now I'm the proud owner of my own. She makes bags, belts and incredible shoes which I plan to add to my collection. And yes, they are all handcrafted.

Me in my shawl my mom and Jack bought for me in Turkey I also mentioned that my mom and Jack brought me back some "pretty things" from Turkey. I'd requested for them to bring me back some pretty things, and they went overboard. This is a picture of the shawl they bought for me in Istanbul. I just love it! It's beyond soft, and get this, the colors go perfectly with the stone on my cuff. Not planned at all, but when synchronicity happens I don't question it. They are in France now and yep, I requested some more pretty things. What can I say? I like pretty things.

Otherwise, things are peachy and rolling along.

Lastly, here is your Oliver cuteness for the day. He's doing really well and happy, and even becoming sort of a talker. He's become a lap cat... a very HEAVY lap cat at 17 pounds. It's all cat, fur, muscle and bones. He's a Maine Coon cat, and they are just that big. Atticus, meanwhile, sleeps on my head every night and it's just adorable, while Scout curls up beside me. I took this picture of Oliver when he was on my couch. It's a phone pic, but I think turned out pretty well! I mean... look at my adorable, big furry ball of love!

Oliver again looking adorable.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

This week, Dave Bakke, a reporter from the State Journal Register in Springfield, IL contacted me about my last post, where I detailed my reunion with my childhood friend Tony Donaldson. He'd stumbled onto my blog and to my pleasant surprise, found the story interesting enough to write a nice article on it. It appeared both online and in print.

Here it is!

Facebook reconnects old Springfield friends

I'm still completely amazed at the coincidence, since neither of us had been looking for the other.

My job is going great, and I've had some neat successes there that really have made me feel good. I work with a kind, interesting, smart and very creative group, so it's especially nice to know I'm positively contributing. And, doubly so that they let me know the results of my contributions.

Feeling lazy today, so am going to keep this short. It's the first really warm Saturday we've had in a while and laziness is winning the day.