Sunday, September 30, 2007

Huge coup on Saturday.

wardrobeOn a whim, I advertised my Ikea wardrobe on Craigslist at a super cheap price. I've been wanting to part with it since Baltimore. Yes, since Baltimore, meaning I moved it across country when I couldn't unload it there. On Thursdsay, I called Salvation Army to come pick it up on Tuesday. It's a really nice wardrobe. Cost me a few hundred, but it was just too big. On Friday, I put the ad on Craigslist. This morning, a woman and her friend who happened to be a mover with a big truck, came and picked it up. I sold it for get this, $75. I love LA for that. So many lives going so many directions. Like the free monitor, what you want to unload, someone else needs. It wasn't about the money. Sure, if I could get some money for it great. However, it was about unloading it for me and putting something within reach for someone who needed it. I was happy to give her a "steal."

The woman who bought it was here from Mississippi to be an actress. She lived six minutes from me by car. Immediately likable, and I told her I was glad the wardrobe was going to a good home. I spent the day at Michael's buying supplies for my next project, which is scrap booking all the mementos I've kept since grade school. Right now, I'm just organizing them. I felt like such an old fart, shopping with all the scrapbooking ladies. I did notice that many of them were young, but it didn't help me. And yes, I did buy some Martha Stewart scrap booking supplies.

Shut up. The woman and me were both born on August 3rd, so it's excusable. At least that's what I kept telling myself. I'm not going to make a cheesy scrapbook, just a nicely organized one.

Speaking of Craigslist, I bought a razor scooter from a couple in Glendale who had advertised one. It was brand new in the box, just never used. After practicing through the wide streets in the neighborhood behind me, then moving to narrower and more rugged sidewalks, I rode it to and from work after lunch on Friday and managed not to bust my skull open. It's actually more exercise than I thought. I had to keep pushing with my other foot to get any kind of speed up. I feel like a big kid on it but it works. I wish it went faster, but with the small wheels on it I'm not going to be breaking any speed records. People at work were incredibly amused when I brought it in, and the guards thought it was great.

I realized though that I need a back pack. My purse sliding off my arm isn't good for balance or speed.

Carson from Queer EyeLast weekend, after babysitting the dog I went shopping. Upon walking into BeBe I was startled by three men with big cameras on their shoulders. I'd been so intensely shopping that I'd failed to notice them and almost walked right into one. I wondered what on earth they were doing, then saw the familiar face of Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They were filming an episode for the new show of the same name except it's for the Straight Girl. Bigger pics are of course available at Flickr.
Carson from Queer Eye

Earlier in the day, I'd been at the Calabassas Avenue where I saw Travis Barker, a paparazzi favorite who had one of his sons in tow. I was impressed that he was kind to the fans who approached him, though I have no idea why he's famous. I know he was on an MTV show or something like that, but he's hard to miss in a crowd. Especially in Calabassas.

I may be going to see Crystal Method on Tuesday with friends. Should be a
great show.

No surprise, I'm sipping a cosmo. I've been so jazzed about offloading the wardrobe that it sent me on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. I'm so proud of myself for just deciding to do it and also for continuing to downsize. It's put me in a happy energetic state and it's been hard to shut down today. My place is looking super nice, especially for it being a very vanilla apartment. I'll have to take some pictures of it soon. I'm so glad I moved here. It's not only opened a lot of doors but enabled me to close some others. It's easier to get rid of things now. They don't have the hold on me that they once did. I'm donating another batch of clothing tomorrow. Between that, the monitor and the wardrobe it's left me feeling really good.

And much, much lighter.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note: If you haven't seen Superman Returns, don't read this post. Contains spoilers.

Okay, I warned you.

It's not every workplace that you can run into the son of Superman and Lois Lane in the ladies room. I made a routine, um...pit stop at work and a mother and what appeared to be a kid were in the two stalls next to me. As I was washing my hands, I noticed the kid was reluctant to come out and standing, peeking out at me through the stall door. I could see what were clearly boys pants and shoes in the stall so I turned around and smiled at my Witness. For those of you older than 25, you'll get the reference. Mom, pretty, tanned, toned and blond, emerged, and so did the boy. I said, "I thought that was a little boy in there!" He smiled, busted but clearly seeing I was cool with it and the three of us got to chatting. The mom told me that they'd been caught in a forest fire that had crossed the freeway on the way here. At some point, I crossed my eyes at the kid and he did it back, but I can't remember what led up to that. He was a sweet kid, and completely at ease with strangers. I'm guessing he was around eight or nine years old, but I have no idea.

I took the work I'd set on the glass shelf, which was a mechanical for Superman packaging, and his mom noticed it right away. She mentioned something about her son and Superman, and I clearly didn't get the connection. At first, I thought she said he was a big fan of Superman but then she said he was in Superman Returns. Believe it or not, I haven't seen the movie, but have caught parts of it on HBO. I remember of the parts that I did see, I thought the boy was really good. I explained to them that I hadn't seen it but had wanted to, and that every time I caught it on HBO it had already started so I turned it off because I wanted to watch it from the beginning.

I asked the boy, whose name is Tristan, if he was in Australia for a long time. His mom told me he was there for eight and a half months, and I asked him if he was going to be in the next one. He said, thrusting up his fingers for each number, that he was going to be in "two and three." I told him he had quite a career, and how much fun he must be having. I told him he could have used Superman today to blow out that fire.

The two were there for an audition for Supernatural. There's a "super" connection so maybe he'll get it. He seemed like a normal happy kid and that's always good to see. In fact, so much that he reminded me a little of Alec, my nephew. However, this kid was clearly more polished in dealing with adults. Alec is comfortable with them because he's been around a ton of them, but this boy was seasoned and a little more loose. However, very much still a kid, hence the eye crossing moment...even though I did it first.

Shut up.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi Cathy and Reese,

I'm blogging this from Cathy's computer, a glass of white wine at my side. Pinkerton is in bed, but seemed a little wound because his mommy and daddy weren't home. I had to walk him up the stairs and he reluctantly followed. Once he was in the spot however, his routine kicked in. I left him sniffing around his bed.

I'm doggy sitting for one night at my friends house for a little Schipperke named Pinkerton. It rained buckets today and I wasn't sure if I was going to get to walk him, but once I was here it cleared up and we went shopping. He was a big hit at the upscale outdoor shopping plaza in Calabassas. The fun part was watching the kids with him, particularly the twin toddlers, one of them whose mother had to pry her hand from the leash, and the other a little girl about the same age that kept saying, "goggy." Their little hands would pat his head and Pinkerton was gentle and patient. Of course, before the moms let their kids in touching range I let them know he was good with children. And, he is. I've watched him with them and Cathy and Reese have said how good he is with the little ones. He's patient, sits still for them and lets their little clumsy hands explore and touch. There are few things cuter than watching little kids with animals.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside, with huge puffy clouds against a deep blue sky. This morning it rained and the clouds crept over the mountains splitting in tendrils. It looked like a giant ghost's hand curling his grey fingers over them. It was awesome. I snapped this picture in between downpours. If you want to see a bigger version, click on it to go to my Flickr page.

Los Angeles Storm

This evening, the sunset that the clouds produced was nothing short of spectacular.

It's odd, but when I'm in someone else's house, my biorhythms become more normal. I'm tired earlier and not fighting bed like I do when I'm at home. Last night my dreams weren't good, mostly because I've missed a few days of my medication and intense dreams are a side effect. My prescription is out and I'll have to wait until Monday to get it transferred to an LA pharmacy and filled.

Shannon and I went to Toi on Thursday night and had great Thai food. That place is prime for people watching and didn't disappoint that night. As I looked at some of the patrons, all hipstered out, I told Shannon that a part of me misses my twenties when we'd go out in huge groups and have a great time. And yes, we were all hipstered out as well, as most of my friends were artists or hipster nerds. Don't get me wrong, I still can turn on the hip but in a different, less transparent way. There's a nice advantage to being older and wiser. Back then group outings were a regular thing, two to three times a week and the people and places always provided a story. Too bad blogs weren't available to me then. However, it's all in my journals. Including Timothy Leary's last birthday party at his house before his death. At the same time, I told Shannon, there's a part of me that is really glad I'm not there anymore, at least in that head space. Most of those friends I made through work, when the Web was young and a place for rebels and misfits. Now it's mainstream and I don't think the same vibe could be repeated as it wouldn't attract the same mentality. Thankfully, I kept the friends. They are true originals and completely authentic.

Los Angeles is also a fantastic place to see music and I plan to do that more. However, I want to get my life a little more oriented before I start gallivanting around. The beautiful thing about being here is that it's all available to me. And while going on outings takes a little more planning now, so are my friends.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's about time that I changed that horrid looking title. It's not going to win any ID awards, but it's better than the pixely mess that was there before. Sometimes it's hard to believe I went to design school. I went before the Web hit, and a year before our school got a computer lab. While at school, I was complaining that we were entering the job market unprepared. A fancy label, but no substance that showed we were cutting edge. Of course, I had other issues when I graduated. I thought for one, that I had to know absolutely everything. I didn't go on one interview after college that was in my field out of fear that I wasn't going to live up to the school that I went to. Now, I'm content to let a pixely title exist on my blog that for some reason gets a lot of traffic. Oh, how far I have come.

Yesterday, I was leaving work when I saw a squirrel peering into the lobby. She was standing there, peering in at all of us through the glass door. Because the door has a metal kick plate, only her head was visible which was completely adorable. I couldn't believe it, but apparently she's somewhat of a mascot who has befriended the guards and many employees. They gave me some peanuts for her, and she could barely contain herself with excitement. She tried to get inside, and followed me to every door as I tried to get out without her darting past me inside. She's made a few trips into the lobby, but if one has food she follows them right back out. I went for it, and she danced around me as I walked away from the door, the pied piper of one squirrel. I can't even begin to describe the adorable quotient as she took a nut from my hand with such gentleness and precision that I swore she was being polite. I'll try to get pictures of her. She's incredibly tame, and ate inches away from me as I squatted down beside her.

Today the President of the television arm of the company hosted a meeting about new releases. It was incredibly interesting and I went with two coworkers and sat in the front row. I had a moment of being proud of myself for making the trip back to Los Angeles and already being in a situation like that after only a few months. There is more going on, but I'll keep that close to the vest for now. I was sitting in between two very nice people and listening to a Hollywood heavyweight talk to us like he was having us over for dinner, making a setting with several hundred people feel like a couple dozen. It's a first class company, and I'm proud to be a part of it, even though I'm just a contractor. After the event, we went to the commissary to pick up lunch and saw Maura Tierney from ER. About that time, all the shows break for lunch. One time, when I took my mom on the lot for a set visit Cathy had arranged for us to watch them film ER, we passed the entire cast of Friends on the way to the set. Cathy was working on ER, which is why we got to visit. When we got there, George Clooney and Noah Wiley were shooting hoops outside with an old looking dirty basketball. I turned to my mom and said, "They need a new ball," and George Clooney turned around and said to me, "Yeah, I know," and laughed, shooting me his winning grin. I had no idea he'd heard me, and turned several colors of pink, I'm sure. However, I managed to just smile back.

I'm finding myself looking forward to Eastern Promises, the new Viggo Mortenson movie. I think there's something wrong with me, but in the previews I'm finding the sleazed up tattooed Russian accented criminal Viggo incredibly hot. Now, I've always thought he was hot, but Jeez, when I saw him like this he just tapped into some dark fantasies of mine.

It's 2:06AM, and I'm having my cosmo. It's the weekend, and that's the beauty of weekends. I can feel the drink sinking in, and I love it. And, I still have half of it to go.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing in shadowsI took this yesterday while the sun set. Had been a while since I did a self portrait. The sun was coming in the house through the blinds and hitting my face in interesting light patterns, so I grabbed my little point and shoot digital camera and this was the result. I have on sunscreen, which all of you should wear daily, regardless of weather and season, and in the photo it sort of gave my skin a shimmery effect. Easier seen in the larger versions. It looks really dark in the room, but it wasn't. Just the effects of the light.

underworldOn Sunday night, I went to see Paul Oakenfold and Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl. I took Shannon for his birthday. What a show. Base thumping in the Hollywood Hills out in the stars, bodies silhouetted against the light of the stage, and freaking Underworld, man! If you've seen Trainspotting, you've heard their music. Barely. And yeah, they go that far back and even more so. Way ahead of the pack in the electronica movement. Worth exploration if you aren't familiar. I got nicely buzzed, let my senses take everything in, noise surround my skin, dancing, being, experiencing. The next day, I found out that my boss had been to the concert, as another woman down a couple cubes from her. I knew I liked the place. All these closet ravers.

I've started back with ballet and was greeted by a big hug from my teacher, who hadn't seen me in years. I'd checked the website and was thrilled that she was still teaching. Many of the same students were there as well. One of them, who is really good said to me in class, "It's so good to have you back." Wow, what a nice reception. Even more because it felt good to be back. I've got my work cut out for me in the catch-up department. Wobbly shaky legs, out of breath, dizzy on the turns, but it's all good. I know it will take some time. It's great to get the body working again, and so fun because of the energy of that place. An artistic, alive energy. Next door, a ballroom class takes place, and people of all colors, ages, backgrounds dancing. The same with our ballet class. Even though I'm out of shape, my body is responding. I already feel better, and I can tell it's up for the task.

I'm contemplating a cosmo before bed. Speaking of bed, last night I had a dream that the boy I had a mad crush on in middle school was walking past me as an adult. I said his name, and he turned, not recognizing me. I said my name and he remembered. I was with someone, and he was alone. I asked him for his email address to catch up and he wouldn't give it to me. Stung, I walked off, reverting into that shy twelve-year-old when it came to liking boys. Then, I remembered I was an adult and got angry. I turned around, went looking for him to scold him for not being receptive. I must have been thrashing or moving some way in my sleep, because just as I was about to tell him how rude he was, I heard meowing.

ME: (fighting to not lose focus of the dream) Shut up, Atticus.

ATTICUS: MEOW Mrrr. MEOW mrrrr. meOWW.

ME: (dream fading. Man/boy in front of me, looking at me, fading.) Shut up Atticus. I have unfinished business.


ME: (Awake. Still pissed at the man/boy in my dreams.) Could you have waited five minutes?

ATTICUS: MEOW. prrrrrrrr.

I pet Atticus, who flops on his side, euphoric.

ME: (Staring up at ceiling, to the man/boy somewhere in the ether.) Dick.

Monday, September 03, 2007

It's 105 degrees outside at 5:45PM. Just sayin'.
We had more shaking today. Sitting at my computer, felt the ground shake under my chair, saw and heard my monitor wobbling. Just a little wobble, a little shaking for about ten seconds. I'm never sure if it was actually a quake, unless of course it's obvious, until the news breaks confirming it. This one was a 4.7 out somewhere. Had it been a 4.7 near us, it would have definitely felt stronger. We were having what Los Angelenos, and many Californians refer to as earthquake weather. Sounds ludicrous, but I wondered if we'd have one because yep, felt like earthquake weather. Hot, a tad of humidity to the air, oppressive. Heavy air, if that makes sense.

It was ludicrous hot today, still is. Got in the high hundreds. Supposed to be the same tomorrow. Before bed each night I've taken a cold shower and stood in front of the fan or air conditioner to get really cold. I hate sleeping in warm rooms. I like to burrow, and warm rooms don't allow for that.

I went to West Hollywood to eat at Urth Caffe and it was stifling hot there as well. It was the first time that people were fighting for inside tables over the ones outside. I actually wrote in my journal, one that I have had for several years. Before blogging, I'd go through them every few months. This one records slices of life from before I left Los Angeles for Baltimore, to coming back. After that I went to Z Gallery to pick up a second vase that I should have bought when I got its mate. I'm watching my budget, so it was great to finally find a vase that looks expensive, but isn't. The stores were dead today. Too hot, and everyone was on vacation somewhere else.

My mom sent me a beautiful necklace from Thailand and I was complimented on it twice in BH today, my first time wearing it. One, at Teuscher, and the second at Z Gallery. I'll tell her that she did well. Jeez, Urth and Teuscher, how Entourage am I? If you watch the show, you'll get it. I was going to both way before either were hip. After I picked up my vase, I went to the Farmer's Market. I need faux pretty um, fauna for the vases, but didn't find any. I'm opting for the more artistic than real looking stuff. Perhaps Michaels will have them, but I'm picky.

On Saturday at Starbucks near my house, I was typing away on the laptop trying not to breathe in the drift of a hygienically challenged man when Morgan Fairchild walked in. I don't know who her plastic surgeon is, but the man/woman is an artist. She looked phenomenal.

Still enjoying the job and the people. They are a great group and very funny. It's a really cohesive environment which is exactly what I need right now.

Next weekend, I'm taking Shannon to see Underworld and Paul Paul Oakenfold at the Hollywood Bowl. Should be a killer concert, and the Bowl is incredible anyway. We're going to have a blast and he was incredibly excited. The love of music is something that we share a thousand times. Many times we'd see live shows in LA, which I'd love to get back into doing.

Letting the cosmo sink in. It's three in the morning and I just finished watching A Clockwork Orange. Brilliant film. We've been working on Kubrick packaging and that is one of the titles. Still holds up today. I must have seen it over 15 years ago, at least, and in bits at that on pay cable. Doing the packaging made me want to see it, and now I have. Good old NetFlix.

Off to bed. I've taken the cold shower, and am sitting in front of the fan to get cold. Well, cool. After I finish my cosmo, time to sink into my pillows and let the sleigh bed be my world for the next several hours.