Friday, August 31, 2007

It's 103 degrees out right now at 5:30pm. I'm inside, off work due to a half day and about to lie on my couch to take a nap. AC is on, but it's a wall AC. I have on two fans, just took a cool shower and I'm still warm.

Oh, but it's a dry heat.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It has been so humid here as of late. Yes, I know that you on the east coast and south would see this as dry as a bone, but having lived in humid climates this is ranking pretty up there. This is LA. LA is not supposed to be humid. But, on my walk tonight I actually saw haze around the street lamps. I also saw a huge spider hanging above the sidewalk in a giant web. Word for the wise. If you live in Los Angeles and want to take walks after dark, walk on the street. If you have a palm tree lined street, you should be okay, but if any branches overhang the sidewalk you can count on walking into a web with a big fat spider right in the middle of it.

Tonight, the one that I saw was extra big. Sent chills up my arms kind of big. He/she sat there in the middle of his giant web that stretched from a street sign, over the sidewalk and into a tree, daring me to walk under it.

SHELOB: Go ahead, walk under. I'm holding on reeeeeal tight. I promise.

ME: Oh hell no.

For the next block, anything that felt like a web sent me into a spider dance. If you don't know what that is, the next time someone says to you, "Don't freak out, but you've got a big spider on your shirt." The said dance you do is the spider dance. Everyone's is unique. I have the most terrifying spider story from my childhood days. Horror movie cliche kind of story. I'll tell it sometime. Still, when I think about it my skin crawls and I wrap my arms around my rib cage.

The kind of spiders we get are orb spiders, and they can get pretty big. Cathy was way out in the valley on location with Jericho, and said she had to cue this big battle scene in a thicket right next to a tarantula's nest. Yeah, we get those too. Luckily not very many sightings in populated areas. Cathy had to be in the thicket because she had to be camouflaged (pun very intended) from the camera. She knew that's what it was because one of the crew had pointed out others to her during the day.

These spiders are most of what you'll find in Los Angeles. The one that I'm talking about that build the big webs, including the mutant that I saw tonight are most likely common orb weavers.

The bravest of my friends has to be Malcolm, who was the stand-in for Jeff Daniels in Arachnophobia. The scene at the end where that giant spider crawls up "Jeff's" leg, is actually my friend Malcolm. That scene was extra pay, of course. Apparently Jeff had some last minute jitters of having a Goliath bird-eating tarantula crawl on him (10-12 inch leg span) and Malcolm came to the rescue. Sorry, you couldn't have paid me enough.

On that pleasant note, if you're reading this before bed...sweet dreams.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A few days ago this was stuck to our wall above the mailboxes. CSI is going to film right next door tomorrow.

CSI Filming Notice

When I came home for lunch today, the set dressers were already moving the furniture into the apartment. This is the not so glamorous side of Hollywood, of which there are many.

CSI Set dressing

I took my own "CSI" photos the other day after hearing about an accident right across the street from me. It happened on Friday night/Saturday morning around 2:30am. I even heard it, but because I have fans on at night it sounded much further away than it was. It was a long squeal of tires on road and I remember thinking, "Hope you made the turn."

He didn't.

My neighbor was the first one on scene and called 911. I was told this by another neighbor who asked me if I'd seen it.

Thankfully, I hadn't. It was then that I remembered after the squeal I'd heard helicopters flying low. Normal for LA, but these hung around a long time.

A driver was speeding 80 miles an hour down the hill from Hollywood couldn't make the turn between the Warner Bros. lot and Triangle building. He went over a median, flipped his car, went airborne, pin-balled between two huge palm trees, one of which he took out, yes...took it out, damaged the Warner Bros. short wall as he flew over that, then landed in the yard of the Triangle building. Some of the occupants were ejected and there was one fatality, a 24-year-old kid who died at the scene.

The 22-year-old driver who was drunk, is going to be charged with 2nd-degree murder, possibly. This is what the aftermath looks like:

Drunk Driving Crash - Bloody Handprint

Drunk driving Crash Pants

Drunk Driving Crash - Blood

And this is the cost:

In Memory

Apparently the kid who died was a vet tech who loved animals. A senseless, sad loss.

There are more photos on my Flickr that are marked with "Drunk Driving Crash." Explanations are there.

Had he tried to go left, he would have probably slammed into our building. There was an article about it here.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm praying for all you people in Jamaica. That is one hell of a storm coming your way. It could turn into a category 5 by landfall. The news has been rife with natural disasters, and my same sentiments to all the people affected in Peru by the earthquake. It's so scary that one minute, you have a house and home and the next complete displacement and chaos.

I look at hurricane Dean and just can't help thinking that someone alive right now, breathing, living, thinking is going to die because of this hurricane. They have no idea that they are living the last few hours on earth. I remember thinking the same thing when Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans. Sure, it could happen to any of us anywhere. In traffic, a freak accident, whatever. I was walking around Ikea today in the self service areas, where at least three stories of merchandise was on palettes on huge shelves. I thought that I wouldn't want to be here when an earthquake hit. What a way to go. Crushed by a stack of unassembled Billy bookshelves.

Anyway, hold on tight Jamaica. Hell is coming to paradise.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I changed the picture to this placeholder. Knowing me, I don't know how long of a placeholder it will be. I chose this because it's LA based, and well, I'm in LA now.

I'm at home on my lunch break. This weekend I hung out in Beverly Hills, shopped at my old places and scored incredible deals. I got $200 jeans for $50 at Barney's New York. Yep. I got a Elie Tahari jacket and a Saks Signature collection shirt for a fraction and I mean, fraction of the price. I think I was paying 20% of the price when it came down to it. And I'm not talking not 20% off, but 80% off. When it comes to scoring at expensive department stores, I'm usually unmatched in my abilities to find the killer deal. Even the guy at Barney's said about the jeans, "Wow. I didn't know we still had any left at this price. You scored."


Truth is, I'm keeping a tight budget because my future is uncertain. However, my clothing situation was not what it should be. We can dress casually at work, but I didn't have a large casual wardrobe that I felt was presentable and varied. I also donated off a ton of clothing at the 24 hour dry cleaners just down the street from me because they have a program to give to charity. So awesome to know that. They did an fantastic job on clothing that I'd been lugging around in a bag for over a year, meaning to dry clean. I'm wearing one of the shirts now, and glad to have in back in my wardrobe. It was like getting a bunch of new clothes. I'm in the process of a slow molting of the wardrobe because I need to. Now that I'm near the big fashion places I can put my deal-keen nose to work.

Now, off to drop some bills into the mailbox and then back to work.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We had a little shaking the other night.

I was reading in bed, and it started shaking. Then, so did the walls and ceiling. I turned on the radio, and they were just going to news. The guy says, "Looks like we just had some shaking there," and it was confirmed. The radio station is located near me, so they'd felt what I had.

About a half hour earlier, Scout had been scratching at the door to get out. She doesn't do that often, so I'm wondering if she sensed something coming. Weird, but I've been thinking that it's only time before California gets a good shake. They are happening all over the world, big ones. This one was centered in Chatsworth, and not part of the San Andreas fault. So, no pressure was released on that fault. People are always talking about "the big one," in California. Well, the Northridge one was pretty damn big, but again, not related to the the San Andreas which is 150 years overdue for its shift. LA has been quiet of pretty late, considering. The one this week was a 4.6, and shallow. However, it was short.

It's always weird to feel the earth shake underneath you, and hear the roof over your head and surrounding walls resist the ride that its host is giving it.

On a funny note, I got carded getting liquor on my birthday. The man looked at my ID and said, "impossible." No, not impossible, but certainly flattered.

Friday, August 03, 2007

It's my birthday today. I made it through another year.

Happy birthday to me.