Friday, October 25, 2002

Rain, rain, rain.

It's pouring outside. I love the rain here. It has a different feel to it than when it rains in Los Angeles. In LA, like everything else, the rain is only temporary. It comes during winter months, maybe for a week or two total, almost like it's rain in training or a special effect from a rain making machine on a Hollywood set. Just stopping by, until it's ready to pack up and leave.

The rain here feels thicker, more experienced, and has a different weight to it when it hits my car windshield. It has a wisdom to it like it personally knows the landscape and the people that it drenches. The clouds that carry it are lower, thicker and don't shoot their load in a one to two hour spurt. These East Coast clouds know what they are doing. They are well-conditioned and can produce solid rain through the night and next day without letting up. The rain here looks right, sounds right, and feels right when I walk in it. And, it smells like rain should.

Perhaps that's where the phrase "right as rain," comes from.

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