Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Half into week four on the new job and still love it. I look forward to getting into the office and doing my thing, and also learning about an industry that has always been a mystery to me. It's making me feel empowered and proactive in an area where I've always felt somewhat powerless and reactive. As a result, I've already taken a few steps to improve my woefully neglected, duck-and-hope-for-the-best financial hygiene. A great paycheck helps too, but it feels good to not feel as powerless to the other things.

And, it's been incredibly interesting to learn about how this whole other aspect of how the world works, one that deals with money, and planning for the future. It's amazing how much energy I've put into avoiding something that can affect me so much. One, I found out that my big picture is much better than I thought. Sometimes it's a good thing to look.

My cat Ronan has been a real turd to a new kitten in my building. In the apartment next door to me, the student that lives there brought in a new roommate who has a four month-old-kitten named Domino. A black and white adorable little thing, whom the girl lets roam in the courtyard. Our building is a square with a pool in the middle, and the apartment front doors, which many people leave open when they are home, face the pool. We have a very community like atmosphere and most of us know each other. While the building is no glamour spot, that is one of the really nice things about it. It's why I can let Ronan roam when I'm home and can keep an eye on him. I don't let him stray outside of the building, and I certainly don't let him out when I'm not home. Ronan considers himself the mayor of my building, and invites himself into the apartment of anyone who will have him. One of those anyones being my next door neighbor, a Russian film student whose mother, when she visited and stayed with him for a few months, just adored Ronan. He'd go in their apartment all the time and have free reign, and get all the love and petting that he wanted. Well, imagine what he thought when he saw another cat in HIS apartment. Let's just say, it didn't go well. I had to pull Ronan away from Domino after he pounced on her quite viciously. I quickly separated them and both were fine, but it was clear that I couldn't let him outside if she's out or their door is open. Sorry Ronan, but your turd behavior just made your world one apartment smaller.

A couple weeks ago, my neighbor's door was closed and lights were off, so I figured Domino was inside and let my boys out. I was sitting in the dark outside in the courtyard, and was scared shitless upon hearing something that sounded like the Tasmanian devil having an epileptic fit in an aluminum can recycling dumpster. Yeah. Seems like someone had been left outside and I didn't know it. After the black and white blip of fur ran past me and broke the sound barrier, there was Ronan, all puffed up and snarling, running after her. It was my first cat block using my new Macbook Air, but the machine held up nicely to the blunt force terror that hurled himself at it. Ronan backed up, looking like a porcupine on steroids, as I used said Macbook Air to usher him inside and shut the door. The turd. 

Later that night, a neighbor found poor Domino hiding in a bush outside the building and brought her inside. I was so happy that she made it home safely. I went inside the apartment where her roommate was home, and apologized to her on behalf of The Turd. I talked to the roommate, who is a sweet girl from China, about the dangers of leaving her cat outside when no one is home!! Fucking students!

Aside from traffic dangers, we have this girl running around the neighborhood. Yes, that is a bobcat, and while she's just doing what bobcats do, she's been responsible for killing at least two cats. This photo was taken today by a neighbor who has seen her in her yard at least five times. Keep in mind, that I live in Los Angeles. Right across from Warner Bros. But, we have wildlife here. And, the droughts have forced them to come where there is water and food. Plus, they were here first. At night, I can hear coyotes and have had many encounters with them as well as raccoons, skunks, deer, possums and wonderful owls. It's one of the things that I love about where I live. It's also something that people who aren't from this area can't even imagine being a danger to them or their pets.

We even have a mountain lion in Griffith Park. One National Geographic photographer took this wonderful photo of him, and he's been collared and tagged for tracking. You can read more about him and his solo journey that brought him to the park here.

And, you can see a video of this same lion strolling down a neighborhood street in the Hollywood Hills. Tell me you wouldn't have to shake the shit out of your shorts if you happened upon that during a nice nighttime walk.

Being in the city has its perils for the wildlife too, as this lion became sick after ingesting rat poison via his prey, who had ingested rats. However, wildlife officials were able to capture him and treat him for that as well as mange. Last reports are that he's back in the park and on a road back to full health.

And you thought the only cougars we had in LA were the ones filling up the plastic surgeon's waiting room.


Jeanne said...

HAH! That last line.

Jim McDonough said...

Good luck with the new job.

When we adopted our little girl cat, a Maine Coon we call Trillie, our prior cat, a giant Maine Coon male named Smilo, tried to kill her many times. I set up the door to our guest bedroom with a doorstop that she could fit through but he could not, or she would have been a crime victim. We finally got him to settle, but it took weeks. He still goes after her, but without murderous intent.