Friday, September 21, 2012

Endeavour on a 747 flying over Los Angeles
Endeavour on a 747 flying over Los Angeles
This definitely falls under the "You don't see that every day," category.

A thrilling sight over Los Angeles, Endeavour piggybacked on a 747, escorted by two fighter jets. I made it up to Mulholland Drive to watch history. The Space Shuttle Endeavour, which has circled the earth 46,000 times, making its last flight over Los Angeles. Mulholland was packed with cars that pulled over, all of us excited to see the Shuttle. It passed directly over us, flying at only 1500 feet, and we all erupted in cheers. We were against a mountain, so it appeared out of nowhere, and I looked right at the belly of the giant 747 and two fighter jets roaring overhead. The sound was epic, bouncing off the canyons and freeways. It then did a majestic bank and flew over the Hollywood sign, and back over Universal Studios, which in my pictures is located just under the Shuttle. It's absolutely huge, even though it's hard to see that in my pictures. It also flew right over my apartment, where according to my neighbors, a huge crowd had gathered outside Warner Bros, . When it passed over us, 18-wheeler trucks that were driving on the 101 Freeway, (out of picture, below to the right) honked their horns in appreciation. It was just incredible.

I love events like this that bring a city, even one as sprawled out as Los Angeles, together. I wasn't the only one screaming and jumping up and down like a little kid when the shuttle passed over. Everyone, from every background was braving the heat and lined up to see this thrilling sight. There was even a 91-year-old man with his son who came out to see the flyby. On every mountain, overlook, trail, there were people waiting to see it. I can't imagine the rush that must have been for the pilots, flying over a city to cheering crowds. The closest thing to being Superman for a day.

And for us on the ground, the closest thing to having Superman for a day.

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