Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I forgot that I hadn't posted pictures of my newest collage, as I'm already in the thick of working on my next one. For this one, I took a complete departure from my last two and really tried to incorporate the synesthesia aspect into the main collage. This means, making it the main subject. This will be a part of the "synesthesia series" of collages that I plan to do, which are depictions of what sounds look like to me. For those of you who are just coming to this blog, I explain synesthesia, and the collage process, along with a picture of my first piece, in this post. This is my latest piece, called "Echo." It's 19x24 inches.

My Mosaic Collage

And, here are some closer details of the piece, all photographed by Shannon Treglia.

Closer detail of Collage

CollageI create all the elements of my "collage mosaics" so that they appear differently in different lighting. Here, with just a little change in the angle of the lighting, the metallic highlights become more evident. Before assembling the collage, I paint all pieces with acrylic paint, then cut and arrange them on a painted background.

For larger photos of all my collages, go here:


Robin Wendell said...

I love this art. The subtle bounce-back gleamings of a whispered endearment across a canon at dawn. Lovey!

Anne said...

Robin, thank you so much! A wonderful visual, you paint with your prose! I'm flattered that the piece inspired it.