Monday, July 02, 2012

I've been so sad hearing about the wildfires in Colorado. Please pray for the people in Colorado who are suffering under their wrath. From what I understand, this is the worst fire disaster in the state's history. I've been thinking so much about that beautiful state and can't even begin to imagine the destruction. As a kid, we spent a lot of time in Colorado, whether it was skiing in winter or hiking, exploring, climbing huge boulders, horseback riding and other adventure seeking at day camp in Estes Park in the summers. Such an incredible part of the country, with wild rugged beauty and towering, jagged peaks. And, a mountain population that was generous enough to let us tourists roam the mountains they are brave enough to call home 24 hours a day. I remember learning about the wildlife, and seeing how alive everything was around us as we hiked through sky high pines, and picking up pine cones as large as my head. Or, riding a horse with a wall of rock on one side and a thundering, freight train of a waterfall at least ten stories high on the other. And, the mixed feeling of awe, terror and wonder that it evokes. There is so much wildlife there and I fear for their fates. Colorado is a place that can quickly remind us where we are on the pecking order. If you want to contribute, I came across this Colorado-based blog that lists several ways you can help.

My mom and Jack were lucky enough to maintain their power after that weird, freaky super dericho storm passed through their city. Several people that I know in Baltimore are suffering in the heat without power and dealing with damage like this. They are in Bolton Hill, and it sounds like this time they got a pass.When I lived in the neighborhood, Hurricane Isabel wasn't as kind to me, knocking a tree on my car. She was sneaky, only weakening the tree, so the next thunderstorm we had that packed a little wind was the tipping point for it. My neighbor knocked on my door to inform me of the accident. My reaction? I looked at it, acknowledged that there was indeed a tree on my car, then went back to bed. When I got up later, I dealt with it. I took these pictures of my neighborhood in Bolton Hill right after the hurricane.

My sister came into town on Thursday and we had a great time hanging out at Cross Creek in Malibu, then Venice and ended the evening with dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant here. She got a surprise layover here, and it was great to have her in town if even only for a day. She'll be off to Madrid this weekend. Ah, the life of a flight attendant.

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Adrasteia said...

This is indeed horrible. Poor Colorado. I've never been there myself, save for a short drive through when I was little, but my husband spent a few years living in a mountain cabin near Boulder so I've heard how gorgeous it is.

Hopefully the fires don't destroy too much more than they already have. It's such a problem. Without the fires, the bugs and other problems can rage out of control, but with them we lose so much beauty. I guess nature will have her way, regardless.