Friday, July 20, 2012

News crews by my apartment reporting on The Dark Knight Rises shooting. I live across from Warner Bros.

I took this photo of an E! news crew that was shooting a segment about the awful shooting during The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO. Behind them is a Channel 4 News van, one of the many sure to come for the next few days.

I live directly across the street from Warner Bros. Right now, a giant building-sized Dark Knight Rises poster is what looks into my bedroom window. So sad and senseless. These poor people just wanted to see a movie.

Shannon and I went to the first part of the triple feature last night. He hadn't seen "Batman Begins" except for the first 30 mins when I gave him a preview of it before we saw The Dark Knight in theaters when they had an encore showing before the Oscars. He loved The Dark Knight, so he was game when I saw that it was going to be playing the Arclight in Hollywood, the same theater where we'd seen TDK. I bought the tickets a couple of months ago, and at that time the theater was already three-quarters full. At the Arclight, you can buy and choose your seats ahead of time. Of course, Shannon loved Batman Begins as well.

Even more fun, was was that the theater was full of people who were there for the entire triple feature. There was an atmosphere of excitement, people in costumes, dads taking their kids, who you know had probably begged to be able to go and stay up late. One kid, who looked about 12, had a Batman cape on while others wore their excitement in their eyes at the concession counter. Adults, who were fans of the films packed the theaters, some in retro joker costumes and one girl wore a Bane mask. There were lots of Batman and Joker T-shirts. All were so excited to see the movie that they've been waiting to see since the credits rolled for The Dark Knight.

It would have been the same scene in Colorado. The same excitement, giddiness, and the cheers when the theater went dark. Then, the stillness of a rapt audience as the first frame of the most anticipated film of the year illuminated the screen. The feeling that they'd rather be nowhere else than where they were at this moment, ready to be taken into Gotham, and be entertained and thrilled. Many had probably Tweeted their excitement before the film started. I know my friends did. They came to watch a superhero pull himself from the depths of despair to triumph over evil. And, in experiencing that struggle, perhaps be encouraged along in their own journeys.

But, it was not to be.

Wishing strength, comfort and solace to all the families who lost loved ones and those who were injured. Stay strong, hang in there. Persevere and survive. We are all holding you up, even though you can't feel our hands. We are beside you, even though you can't feel our shoulders against yours, and we're embracing you, even though you can't feel our arms. We are with you, as you pull yourselves from the depths of despair, and triumph over evil.

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