Wednesday, May 09, 2012

In the wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, I'd finally had it with my sleeping schedule being so messed up that I was still awake to see dawn turn the darkness into a purple twilight hue. Granted, I've been making good use of the time, but I'd just had enough of life as a vampire, sans the insatiable hunger for blood.

But first, before I continue this story, I want to bring attention to a wonderful thing that a dear reader Sue, did for me in the name of my recently departed and beloved cat, Scout. A little history here, is that I was lucky enough to "meet" Sue when she became one of Oliver's generous benefactors in response to my plea for help in paying his enormous vet bill after I rescued him from a hoarder neighbor. That story is here. Though I've only met Sue through the WWW (Wonderful World of the Web), I consider her a friend. She recently emailed me, letting me know that she gave a donation in Scout's name to the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, CA near San Francisco. It's a no kill shelter that also has an inspiring and wonderful story about Christopher the Cat who was brought there after being hit by a car. Don't worry, it's an extremely inspiring and happy ending!

"I looked at their 'Wish List' on Amazon and noticed they desperately needed a small window air conditioner. I bought it for them and made the donation in memory of my little Minnie, Vesper (she belonged to my friend Bob), and your sweet little Scout."

How sweet is that? In return, I'm spreading the word about their organization. If you could, visit their site and if you're so moved, support them so there can be more stories like Christopher's. These people, and Christopher, do good work and a little goes a long way. And Sue, thank you so much for honoring Scout's memory in such a thoughtful, wonderful way.

Now, back to me being at Starbucks this early. Around 4:30 AM on Tuesday morning, I decided to help sleep along by taking a Tylenol PM. The dose calls for two, but I only took one. I fell asleep pretty easily, then woke up around 10:00 AM. After eating breakfast and checking email I felt tired and went back to sleep. From there, I slept off and on through all of Tuesday, with a brief waking time from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM, then I went back to bed, and slept until 4:30 AM, and off and on until 6:20 AM this morning. Wide awake, I got up, showered, dried my hair and here I still sit in Starbucks after getting here around 7:15 AM. That was one heck of a pill. Thank God I didn't take two, or I'd be making this blog entry on Thursday morning. However, I'm glad it happened, because it puts me on a good course to right my sleeping schedule. When I walked in, the look on the Starbucks employees' faces was priceless, as they know me as a late afternoon, nighttime Starbucks person.

It's interesting seeing the place in the morning, and all the people that come in before work. It's extremely busy and a whole different, well awake vibe.

I'm in the process of creating my second art piece. Along with looking for full-time jobs, that is what I'd spend those night hours doing. I'm excited to see how it turns out. So far, so good. Again, I've been able to get into that wonderful zone where everything just feels right, and I know I'm creating something that can only come from me.

Upon paying my rent this month, I marked my five-year anniversary in Los Angeles, and living in my apartment. I never, ever thought I'd live in that apartment for so long, but the truth is, I love the place and I've made it my home. There are drawbacks to the building, sure, including the occasional douchebaggery from the NYFA students who live in the building. For the most part, nice kids, but many times they've had to be reminded that our building isn't a dorm. And, every time that I've even thought of moving, even just down the street, I'm overcome by dread at the thought of it.. Boxing everything up, moving, unpacking, and getting used to a new space. Not to mention, having to get to know all new neighbors. I was talking to one of my neighbors last night, who has lived in the building a long time with his brother, and he was saying that especially now that the world's worst neighbor is gone, as long as our core group stays here, things are good. I haven't told the story about being instrumental in getting a mentally ill, drug addicted, nuisance neighbor evicted, which has made it a lot more pleasant to live here. It's been probably six months since he was forced out, but neighbors still come up and thank me for that.

Aw, don't mention it.


HunnerWoof said... students turning homes into dorms. I bought my condo in SLC 5 years ago, and for the last 2 years the Frat Boys (as we refer to them) have lived upstairs. For 2 years we've bugged the owner to get them out, but he keeps saying there's nothing he can he renews the lease over and over. I got elected HOA President last month, and I'm not in the process of working with a lawyer to get them kicked out. The last straw was when they had a party a few weeks ago and someone puked on the carpet in the hall and they left it there for days.

Happily, we moved out last week and are now living in a renovation in southern Utah (much closer to my family in LA!). It's a house, so no more close neighbors...yay!

That's awesome what your internets friend did. We need more peeps like her in the world.

Anne said...

Hunnerwoof, that sounds horrific. Your owner/landlord sounds like a lazy idiot, as there is a ton of things he could have done. But yes, it always falls on us the tenants/residents to raise hell about bad neighbors. I hope you do get them kicked out so the next residents don't have to deal with that. Are you still on the HOA, even though you aren't living there anymore? I have no patience for people who are serial offenders at disrupting my living environment, and I've been instrumental in getting more than a few evicted. Patience, persistence and fighting the good fight does pay off, though it can at times feel futile. Keep me posted on your good fight!

HunnerWoof said...

Yes, I am still President of the HOA, as I still own my unit...I'm just renting it out now. But, I carefully screened my tenant and included an addendum to the lease that if they are a nuisance, eviction comes in short order. Our letter from the lawyer goes out today...I'll let you know the results!

Guy Slade said...

Hi Anne,
I have been reading your blog for a great number of years now and you have also turned me on to a couple of other excellant blogs.... (Cpt Dave for example).
You write very well and I imagine enjoy reading a well written blog so I have this one to offer you from a friend of mine .... it's sad but inspirational as well