Friday, April 20, 2012

First, I want to thank everyone who wrote me such sweet notes after I posted about losing Scout. I still miss her but the raw hurt has lessened. I was very touched by all your condolences and stories of beloved pets that you have lost. I have her home with me now, her ashes in a pretty urn on the bookcase right next to my desk. The urn is one that holds a picture, and it also has a plaque with her name and "In Loving Memory" engraved on it. It's a comfort to me that she's still near. In fact, I just looked over to her now. One of my dear readers (you know who you are) even sent me an Edible Arrangement with balloons. Those balloons are still floating on my ceiling. I'm continually in awe of the thoughtfulness and good in people. Thank you all for reminding me of that silver lining.

With Scout no longer with me, I had to get used to just having boy kitties, as it IS a different dynamic. It's almost as if I had to get to know them again, because they were dealing with a sort of loss as well. But now, the apple cart has been put back right and the contents seem to have settled.

I wrote another article for Reign that you can read here, about famous scenes in the movies where lingerie plays a part. I won't tell you which one I picked for my first installment of the series, as we'll see if it's the first one that came to your mind!

Anne-gelenoOh yeah, I've made it into the big time. Actually, this was taken at a charity event called Men of Style at Saks Fifth Avenue, sponsored by Angeleno Magazine. I volunteered my time for the good cause and worked at a photo booth there that produced these magazine cover shots. It's always a lot of fun, and the people are always an interesting bunch. The people that I work with are fun, too. Brian Kramer, the photographer who runs the photo booth, does a lot of these high-end gigs, and several pro bono for charity as well. Also on hand that night were Shannon and another photographer. Many crass jokes and laughs were had between us all.

Before the event, I drove up to the store's parking structure. A parking attendant was doing his best to direct traffic to the right parking lot and told the people behind me to back up so I could back out and park in the lot across the street. Everyone else got it, except for the woman in a white Acura or Honda directly behind me who didn't pay attention to his instructions. That's when I heard a decidedly loud crunch. She had backed right into a parked car, narrowly missing a McLaren that was waiting to pull into the valet area. Yes, I said a McLaren, which starts at a base of a quarter million dollars. The one that she almost hit was probably another $100K because it was a show car that was there for the event. I know, because I asked the nice McLaren people.

After swallowing my heart back into my chest from where it had lodged in my throat, I waited as the woman whined to the attendant, "But what about MY car? Is it damaged?" It was, with a pretty mean looking gouge on her bumper. The other car, luckily for her, was not. As we all waited, not giving an airborne intercourse about the damage she caused to her car, she sat there looking put out and helpless, holding everyone up. That is, until I lowered my window and snapped, "You need to move forward so the rest of us can go."

I wasn't asking.

The attendant looked at me gratefully, and she pulled forward, thankfully not hitting anyone else. I'm usually the most mellow driver, (that is, unless I get the urge to open up and feel the power of my beloved Volvo C30 T5S) but she just irked me with her idiocy and petty selfishness.

Speaking of temptations to open up on the road, just take a look at this thankfully unmolested beauty.

McLaren MP4

I've been busy with some interesting personal creative undertakings and just finished my first piece. When I get a decent picture of it, I'll post it and write about it.

Until then...