Monday, February 06, 2012

As promised, here are the pictures from the Reign article.

This is the "gamine" look, where I'm wearing their gorgeous camisole and bra.

Me in Reign Magazine - Gamine

Everything is mine except for the camisole and bra, which is the point of the article. How you can bring things you love and mix them with looks that use inner wear as outer wear. They had asked me to bring several of my own clothing, shoes and jewelry, and wow.

And here is the "glam" look, with same ensemble but dressed for evening.

Me in Reign Magazine - Glam

I must add, that the skirt they put on me is a size 00. Never, ever did I think I'd be able to get into a skirt that size. Now, before everyone goes crazy, the skirt had some stretch to it and in no way would I fit into every 00. But, it did not harm my ego one bit when it fit so well. They provided the shrug as well, which comes from Anthropologie. I loved that shrug, and it was a perfect match. The stylist, who did such a phenomenal job putting the outfits together is the talented Shannon Bindler.

Two weeks ago, I finally got myself into a yoga class. Several years ago, during the first time I lived in Los Angeles, a friend, who just so happens to be the CCO of Naked Princess, had taken me to a studio where we took several classes. She was way more advanced than me, but at the time I was doing ballet, so I wasn't going in completely cold turkey. During one of the more intense classes, something unexpected happened. I'd been struggling with a story I was writing, and during the class, actually at the end of it where you lay on your back and try to relax every single muscle, I had a breakthrough on the story. I felt my brow relax, and this is going to sound completely new agey, but once that tension was released, it was like the story could flow in. I actually felt it come through my forehead and into my brain. After class, I went home and wrote it all down. I was so struck by it, that still lying on my back, I told my friend incredulously, "I just figured out my story."

Currently, I'm going through a bit of the same. That experience was so profound, that it's something I've remembered for all these years. I also wanted to introduce something physical, mental and well, spiritual to open up more avenues for release...and to let things in. So, I went back to the very place where the experience occurred and signed up for a two-week trial period of unlimited classes. I had even kept my yoga mat. It was odd going back, once again visiting the past of my "other self." How would I be viewed, and how would I view myself? What was waiting for me in those studios?

The first class I took was an intro class, and I was surprised at how strong I was, and how ready my body was to perform. It was the first time I'd gone back to something physical since getting back into my fighting weight. I enjoyed the test drive of my leaner self, feeling my body not only meet, but embrace the challenges I was giving to it. I then took some harder classes, some focusing on stretching and others on constant movement. I probably took ten classes during that two week period and decided to keep it up. I haven't had that awesome creative breakthrough yet, but I'm not discouraged nor forcing it. I have a lot more life under my belt since then and things will take longer to undo. I'm patient and persistent, so I can only see good things coming. Since I've taken it back up, some "synchronicity" has occurred that has literally left me incredulous. I think those events are partly the result of putting myself in a situation to become a welcoming vessel, instead of one that is more guarded, as I've been with my hatches fully battened. I look forward to what it brings my way now that I have sent out the welcoming beacon. And good Lord, when it comes to those "hot" classes, who knew I could sweat like that?

Excuse me, I mean perspire.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'll post pictures on this blog when I can, but you can see me in today's Reign Magazine, going from gamine to glam in the gorgeous Naked Princess lingerie, which I'm wearing as outerwear. Use the slider in the picture to see both looks, and I won't object if you Like or Share the article.