Thursday, January 05, 2012

I had a great Christmas and New Year, spending it with friends, both auld and new. I decided not to travel anywhere for Christmas, and had seen my family before and over Thanksgiving.

2011 ended on a sad note. During my visit to my mom and Jack's in Baltimore, I'd been playing with their cat EJ and felt a large lump on his right side near his rib cage. I asked them if they'd noticed it, and they hadn't. My mom put her hand where I indicated, and felt that there was indeed a mass. A really big one. They made an appointment with the vet, which due to the holiday happened after I came back home, and the results were what we all feared, that EJ had a large malignant tumor. Since EJ was 14 years old, they decided not to treat it, as the treatment would be awful, and he wasn't suffering as a result of the cancer. So, they let him go on as normal until his quality of life deteriorated to the point where it was time. EJ crossed the rainbow bridge on December 30, 2011. He was a great cat, who was marked like a Gateway Computer box (remember those?), sucked his tail for comfort, yet would calmly and aloofly stare down any dog that came up to bark at him when he was sitting in the window. EJ, you big lug, you are missed.

I've adjusted to not having my days full. I'm up for a couple jobs, but right now it's just all about the waiting, which I'm not very good at. This has to do with the unknown looming in front of me like a grey, sodden blanket. I felt the same way before I got the job at Disney and ended up loving my time there, so I know that it's just part of my genetic makeup to fret over job changes.

It's odd, because I don't feel unemployed. I keep myself busy, even though my activity takes part mostly at night time. It's my natural inclination to want to sleep late, and because it gets dark so early, it can get to be a bit depressing when I only get a few hours of daylight a day. Lack of daylight is hard enough when you are working, but when you're not...ugh. I'm susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder so I really have to watch it during winter. At least it's been almost 80 degrees for more than a week straight. And, I'm catching up on movies, progressing on personal writing and artistic projects, socializing and being present to appreciate this downtime. I've also yet again, rearranged the nook:

Yet again, my rearranged nook

And finally, I'm both happy with it and it's functional. It's how I originally envisioned the chaise fitting into the apartment, against that wall. I'll have to rearrange the artwork a bit to fit the height of the chaise, get an extension cord for the lamp, and make a pillow with some exquisite fabric that I found, but other than that, it's finished and looks very elegant. It adds both mental and physical space, and everything just flows better. Plus, the cats love having the chaise to hide under. My next project is my bedroom. It looks pretty good, but could really use some design elements in it. Like, this lamp that I just bought from Horchow. And, as always I need to get rid of some things.

Lastly, I just had to post these pictures of me and the kitties. Oliver loves to snuggle with me on my pillow, and I was resting in bed listening to an audio book when he joined me to wrap himself around my head. The quality isn't the best because I photographed this with with my iPhone, and because I was using the reverse lens, couldn't use the flash.

Oliver Cuddling Up to Me

What you can't see in this picture, I captured in the below picture. Scout and Atticus were cuddling with me too. Scout was on my chest, and Atticus snuggled against my left side, which I photographed here.

And this was looking the other way

Absolute heaven.

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