Sunday, October 23, 2011

Me Upside DownLast night after work, I found myself in Barnes and Noble, and while sitting on the floor looking through vector clip art books, (all on the bottom shelf, mind you), a voice boomed over the loud speaker, "Attention Barnes and Noble customers, for your safety and that of others, please DO NOT sit on the floor. There are chairs around the store and benches in the magazine area for that purpose." I was the only one sitting among the group of shoppers, young artist types who all turned and looked at me. Suddenly in the spotlight, I threw my arms up in the fashion of a gymnast who just stuck a perfect landing. Everyone cracked up, me included. Chastened, I stood up and continued to peruse my clip art as we all continued to laugh intermittently.

I've been collecting clip art to use as a reference for some projects I'm have planned for when I'm going to have a lot of downtime. I'd be doing these projects anyway, as I've already started on them, but I'm doing all the pre-work now. As for what the projects are, they are art pieces that have been floating around in my head for ever. And finally, I'm going to take them out of my imagination and put make them a reality. I want to see where I go creatively with them, as whenever I've done like projects for fun, I'm amazed at the zone in which I find myself, when the vision flows directly from the mind onto whatever medium I'm working on to accomplish it. The last time I did it was a last minute idea, when I made a collage makeshift Christmas tree for my mom and Jack when they visited for Christmas. I just got the idea, and started making it, improvising as I went along. I must have taken 20 Free Christmas coupon books from Vons because they had the perfect gradated green. And as you can see, jewelry ads provided my ornaments. My mom and Jack loved it and so did I to be honest, and still remember the looks on their faces when they saw it.

The reason I'm going to have more time on my hands, or at least I think I am, is because I time out at Disney on November 11th. At Disney, you can only work as a contractor for 18 months. I will hit that on 11/11/11. My boss wanted to hire me, but there's a freeze on headcount in my department. It's too bad, because I have an awesome boss. From day one, we just clicked. I won't lie however, that I am looking forward to the time off. I'm at that point where I need a break and to sleep late for a couple weeks straight, as well as go somewhere for the holidays. So now, I'm collecting color swatches and textures from magazines and other sources to give me a rich palette to work from when I'm ready to start experimenting. And, forcing my friends to take pictures of me like the one above. What appeals to me about collage, is that I can incorporate my writing into it. So, after I hit "publish," I'm going to a paperie store to check out their papers.

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