Thursday, October 27, 2011

I just had one of those "only in LA" moments. I came home from work and was parking my car when I noticed a strange golf cart parked in my neighbor's spot. It was black, clearly customized and had "Nerd Machine" painted on the side. We have a lot of film students in the building, so I figured that it was just something from their school or a prop. After I parked my car, I got out to look at it, and when one of the film students exited from the laundry room, I asked if it was his. He told me it wasn't and went into the courtyard.

Seconds later, a tall, very good-looking man exited the courtyard and saw me standing there. I asked him, "Is this yours?" The man, whom I didn't recognize as a neighbor, said it was, and thinking he'd parked in my spot, apologized. I told him no worries, I was just amused by the cart and wondered whose it was. I asked him about "Nerd Machine" and he told me that Nerd Machine, his company is a "nerd" community that has all kinds of fun gear. During this explanation, I realized he looked familiar. I laughed and said, reminds me of "Nerd Herd." It was his reaction that made me realize he was familiar, and that I was speaking to Zachary Levi, who plays "Chuck" on the show of the same name. If you aren't familiar with the show, his character, when working at the Buy More, works for their "Nerd Herd" tech support fleet. When I made the connection, I pointed at him. "Wait, you're..." He stuck out his hand and said, "Zac."

Turns out he was visiting a neighbor who lives in my building. After the introductions, he asked if I was his friend's neighbor, and I confirmed I was, but said I didn't know him very well. The person he knows just moved in a couple months ago. I told him that I used to write show recaps for his show, and that it was one of my favorites. I then said, "This town cracks me up."

I didn't catch on at first because well, one just doesn't expect to run into Chuck in the carport of their building, and I was especially hampered by post-work low blood sugar and post-traffic thousand-yard stare. Nothing better than a fun encounter like that to snap you out of it.

He was a very nice guy, so visit his company website, Nerd Machine.

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