Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I started this post on August 3rd, and am finishing it on August 7th.

Happy Birthday to me.

Holy birthday wishes! I think I'm up to a hundred or so, thank you very much! I'm having a great birthday today, and last night too. Or, should I say had because I'm finishing this post on August 6th. On Monday, I went to Nolan's, which funnily enough, was used as a location on this week's episode of Entourage, with Shannon and we were greeted with Celtic singers and musicians. It was a really nice vibe that night with musicians and singers sitting around a large corner table, jumbled among their instruments and drinks. Violinists, percussionists, and bag pipe players conversed in music and song as Shannon and I shared chicken fingers and fries. We toasted in my birthday at midnight and left around 1AM. I didn't want to be too tired for work the next day, and we had plans for the next night too. This is a video I took of the Celtic musicians casually playing an Irish jig.

On Tuesday, I worked a half day so I could have the afternoon off to visit my friend Becca in Beverly Hills. I got to see the awesome things that she's doing as Chief Creative Officer of Naked Princess, a stunning collection of luxury goods soon to launch. They approached me to do some writing for them on a freelance basis. Their products are incredible, with every detail considered and designed with the utmost luxury always in mind. Their offices look like a scene out of boudoir-noir 1940s Hollywood. It was great to catch up and see her again.

After that, I hopped over to Teuscher chocolates to pick up one of their imported Swiss chocolate infused blended mochas. Imagine my surprise when Angela, an incredible musician whose band, Leda Atomica, I've posted about before on this blog was there. She moonlights at Teuscher from time to time, and was facing away from me when I ordered. She recognized my voice when I ordered, and turned around and said "No charge!" What a nice surprise! She asked if I'd gotten her Facebook post to stop by. Since I hadn't been on my computer, I hadn't. Not only that, they gave me some of their world famous champagne truffles as a gift. This birthday was turning out really well.

On the way back home, I took Sunset and noticed a paparazzi crush at the very Armani Exchange where I had discovered the awesomeness of jeggings. Okay, the salesperson there had to coax me into them, promising me no camel toe disasters and that I won't look like a soccer mom trying to relive her glory days. Anyway, because I could, I pulled over and took a few photos of the crush, not expecting to get their subject. I had no idea who they were photographing, but I've always been fascinated with the frenzy that occurs because some human being is just doing what all we other human beings do. In this case, shopping at Armani Exchange. As I was taking the pictures, more paparazzi descended, including a kamikaze on a motorcycle who squealed up behind me, blocking me in. He tore off his helmet, leaped off his motorcycle and joined the fracas. A couple minutes later, their subject walked out, whom I didn't recognize, but guessed who it might be. Indeed, it was Justin Bieber, who was kind enough to make an appearance on my birthday, this making me the envy of millions of teenage girls. Here's the video I shot of him coming out of the store. As you'll see, I have not mastered the art of shooting video by phone.

Me on my Birthday, Aug. 3rdThat night, Shannon and I walked over to Olive and Thyme, a new restaurant/bistro/cafe near my apartment in Toluca Lake. We sat outside in the perfect summer early evening as dusk eased into night. I'd wanted no fuss and mellow, and this was absolutely perfect. We both had their delicious pulled tri-tip sandwich on sour dough bread, which I had with white wine and Shannon had with one of their specialty beers. He snapped a phone pic of me with the spectacular creation in front of me. If you are in the area and haven't tried this place, do it. They get the bistro deal and know how to treat their customers. I've been there twice, and they have both times been accommodating, genuinely friendly and welcoming. It's no wonder that within the first few weeks of opening, they've been getting rave reviews in the press, including this write up in Daily Candy, as well as becoming the darling of the nearby studios and neighborhood. They also are a gourmet grocery, which I have every intention of perusing next time I stop in for a coffee.

My sister sent me a box of fabulous gifts from all over the world. Being a flight attendant, her job takes her well, everywhere. From what my mom says, she picks things out for me on her travels. I was blown away. Gorgeous masks, silk pillow shams, beaded purses, a stunning shawl, and it goes on!! These were gifts from Thailand, Africa and I'll have to talk to her to see where the rest are from. Seriously, it was incredible and I can't wait to decide where to put everything.

It was an awesome birthday, and I've caught myself smiling every now and then as I've been typing this entry.