Saturday, July 30, 2011

A giant cumulonimbus cloud looms over the Verdugo mountains, but the rains won't reach here. It's a tease for those of us who live in Los Angeles and love thunderstorms. It happens a lot this time of year when nature unleashes itself on the desert. Yet, every time I see one, I hold out hope that it will find the strength it needs to hoist itself over the mountains. It won't, but somewhere, someone's getting it.

My dad's painting made Etsy Finds!In some cool news, my dad, who in his retirement has really pursued his oil painting, had a neat thing happen. Long story short, for several years he's been really refining his craft, mostly painting in oils but has now branched out to pastels and other mediums. It's been really fun to watch him find his painting "voice" as well as how well he's put his marketing and business acumen and experience to work in getting his work into galleries, fishing shops (many have trout fishing as the subject) and other ways of being seen. You can view his work here. The painting on his homepage is one of my favorites, but too bad for me, it's sold! Well, as many of you know, in my quest to create my writing nook, I recently discovered the awesomeness of Etsy, and suggested that my dad place some of his paintings on there. Of course being my dad, he researched it thoroughly, learned everything he could and completed some of their online workshops. He placed 24 of his paintings on Etsy, and less than a week later, one of them was featured in an Etsy email and on Etsy Finds! I got so excited when I saw that I made quite the scene at my desk at work. You can see his Etsy shop here. Way to make an entrance, dad!

Continuing this post on Sunday, where yet another cumulonimbus cloud darkens the sky behind the mountain range. I had a nice reunion with a colleague from The Wire who is now a producer on True Blood. We had reconnected through Facebook and she suggested we get together. It was fun to touch base and we had brunch at the swanky Soho House, sitting at a table on plush couches that faced a panoramic view of Los Angeles. My latte was so thick with foam that I could have probably sculpted Devil's Tower with it. Scrumptious, as were the blueberry pancakes.

It's always interesting to see people you knew when you lived in another town and new context. There's always that five minutes of awkwardness as you adjust from who you were then and who you are now. After making it through that, we had a nice chat and it was a great change of pace for me to one, get moving around early enough to have brunch and two, meet up with someone whom I last saw in Baltimore and who was part of my Wire experience. Glad we did.

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