Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free "Carmageddon" Champagne at the salon Carmageddon turned out to be Los Angeles on vacation. It was awesome driving around, and the city seemed to have exhaled. The politicians did their job in scaring everyone off the streets, so it was smooth sailing for those who did have to drive. I drove over the hill to get my "hair did" and even noticed a much calmer pace at the salon, where they had free Carmageddon champagne. Not a lot of people know this, but they have to do the other side of the bridge next summer. So, we get to do it all again.

I can't remember if I've updated on my weight loss, (or, my get back to fucking normal journey) but I've been maintaining for quite a while. It's been an awesome journey and I feel like my body and me are friends again and I am back to my teenage weight. Amazing at my age. The maintaining has been easy and I have plenty of treats. I was worried that the weight loss would affect my face, but it didn't. It did thin me out a little, but I didn't get sunken, and boy was I keeping an eye on that. Same goes for my ass. All those years of sports paid off. I don't want to go any lower, because ladies, as I've said before, being too thin can age you ten years at least, and ripped doesn't look good on most women over 40. The great part about all of it is just feeling normal again. And, being asked if I've been working out. Nope. Not a bit. But, I have gotten an itch to go back to ballet.

And here is a little Oliver silliness to end this post. I'm sorry I'm not more chatty, but I'm still struggling with what this blog is anymore. It's just not the anonymous purge into the webisphere that it once was. I'll figure it out. But until then, enjoy Oliver being a complete spazz. And yes, this video is playing at regular speed.

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