Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy shit, did I really start this post on March 22nd? Oh well, so here it is on April 1st.

St. Patrick's Day is always fun at Nolan's, our local Irish Pub within walking distance. It's become a yearly tradition with Shannon, me, any friends that want to come along and any that become friends at the bar. It was full and people were tapping into their Irish roots, whether they had any or not. Most precious were a Moroccan fellow and his Indian friend, whom we met last year and toasted a few over hilarious conversation. They were dressed in their Irish green, a testament to that on St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish. Though it wasn't as crowded as last year, since I think they cut down the number of people to have in the bar at one time, it was still packed. I made my way to the jukebox through a solid wall of people and became stuck in a bottleneck. My dollar gripped in my hand, I showed a couple of girls who were too timid to plow through the people how to get through with firm, but polite maneuvering. My plan almost backfired when the bottleneck occurred, and it became so tight I almost lost my shirt when my body was going one way, and my shirt clung to the behemoth's back who was going the other. However, I inhaled just enough to squeeze through, modesty intact and get Mumford and Sons going over the speakers.
Shannon and Me St. Patrick's Day 2011

It was a fun time and we left before closing. It was a school night, and since mornings and I usually square off toe to toe everyday, I wanted to be rested for the fight.

I've been creating a nook in my apartment, solely for writing. I've been dolling up an area just for the total peace of writing or creating. I'm probably going to do away with my desk, and replace it with a chaise lounge. I opened the can of worms when I put burlap on my wall, and my mom asked about the seams, which had always bothered me too. She was thinking of a fabric solution, but once I got into research, I discovered wood trim, which I stained a golden brown color and nailed it over the seams. Gorgeous. I also bought moulding from Home Depot and stained that the same color, then installed it on both the floor and ceiling. Next, I removed the ghastly vertical blinds in the living room and dining nook windows and bought a set of gorgeous Restoration Hardware silk curtains, sheers and nice curtain rods. Once those were all up, they looked fantastic. However, they highlighted the ugly floor, for which I've been searching for a solution. So, after much searching, as I'm very picky, I bought a gorgeous Oriental rug last week, which should be delivered sometime this week. Last, I got solar shades which hang inside the window frame. My neighbor was kind enough to help me install them after I threw my hands up in defeat. I'd thought it an easy task after the swear tirade inducing curtain rod installation that I'd just been through. Who knew the shades would prove the real adversary.

The next things on my list are a room divider. No, not a cheap dormroom Shoji screen, but a NICE room divider to hide the kitchen and enhance the nook feeling. I live in a small, what I would call starter apartment. It does have some character, but it's not a showplace. However, I've made it a home with nice furniture, art on the walls and disguising it cleverly. What I don't have however, is a nook. And, with some ingenuity, I can create something that's akin to a creative hideaway, conducive to writing, reading or whatever. The room divider will be easy to move back when I need to enter and exit the kitchen. Will it make me more productive? No guarantees. But, it will be a nice space for me. And yes, pictures will be posted once I'm finished.

My coffee table came this week, or I picked it up that is, and my oriental rug is here, so I'll pick that up tomorrow. The coffee table looks gorgeous. Pics will come, and I'm eager to see the "foundation" of my nook in its place.

I made the jump and bought an iPhone 4. This was just after I bought an iTouch 32 Gig iPod. Considering my last iPod was a lime green Mini, (I just couldn't part with the thing) it was about time. I've been enjoying playing with apps, like Instamatic, which is what I used to take this far out 70s style photo of myself.

Lots more, but it's time to hit "publish post" or another weekend will pass without a blog entry.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh man, just had one of those funny neighbor things happen. We have a nutcase in our building who has been waging a war with another neighbor because she thinks he parks his bike too close to her stupid big, cumbersome gas-filled fire hazard of a scooter in the common area. Mind you, she also puts a can of gas next to it which she chains up with everything. She never asked anyone if this was okay, just did it. Everyone in the building, and at the local Starbucks avoids her because well, she's an unstable, passive-aggressive whack. She walks with a rigid, always ready to defend body and looks at you with wide and crazy eyes set inside a bird-like face perched upon a stiff neck. Another neighbor, whom I'll call A, and I learned how psycho she was when I told her someone had stopped by her apartment when she was gone. She tensed up and commanded, "I don't want anyone knowing where I live! You see anyone come to my door, tell them to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!" And here I had just been expecting a simple thank you. She then walked around for a half hour, looking for the culprits.

Another neighbor, not the one who witnessed her congenial suggestion that I take toward her unannounced visitors, (I'll call her B) and I were talking when the nut spotted the object of her wrath, a Russian college student, parking his bike next to her scooter. He's a nice film student who lives across from me and is a good neighbor. The nut was in her bathrobe, hair wet, and approached him, pointing to a piece of her tail light on the ground. She grunted, "How do you think that happened, huh?" Her face was pressed into a pile of towels she'd just folded in the laundry room, and she wouldn't make eye contact. She continued, "How do you think that happened huh? Right there, that. How do you think that happened? Huh?" She continued to antagonize him, even illustrating her point by kicking the piece of tail light across the courtyard. He barely acknowledged her and went to his apartment. B and I stood there stunned. A couple weeks later, the first note appeared, telling him to move his bike because it was well, in "her way." He didn't.

Tonight, she struck again. I learned when yet another neighbor, we'll call her C, knocked on my door, snickering. She said, "Did you see it?" When she saw that I clearly hadn't, she said, "You gotta come see this." She pointed toward the bike, and I saw the silhouetted scroll, on the Russian kid's bike. "Oh shit," I said, joining in the snickerfest, then put on a jacket and walked toward the bike. I saw this, minus my editorial comments:

The psycho neighbor note Needless to say, I knocked on the window of two other neighbors, a married couple, and motioned for them to come outside. As we stood there laughing at the note, we heard a door open, slowly...from the direction of her apartment.

And that's when we panicked. I bolted and slammed right into the husband, and him into me. His wife darted toward another apartment and the neighbor who had called me outside teleported via light speed to her door, big Tupperware of lentil soup still cradled in her arm. It. Was. Hilarious. Grown adults running like little kids who had just been delivered the scare-tactic punch at the end of a spooky campfire story. Except in our case, it was the wife's brother who had innocently ambled outside to see what the fuss was about and we were terrified it was the boogeyman neighbor coming to get us.

Perhaps I should leave a nightlight on tonight...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just woke up from an early bedtime, felt tired at 8:30pm, so I went with it and dozed off with the lights in the living room still on. Woke up, saw it was 2:20 AM, so I got up to turn off the lights. Saw my Blackberry blinking, so checked it. Two friends had texted me about the horrible tsunami and quake devastation in Japan. Absolutely tragic.

One works at a Japanese company. I'm sure it will be emotional there tomorrow with a lot of scared people. A tsunami warning has been issued for Santa Monica, but if anything hits it should be small waves.

So very sad and awful, and our hearts are with you Japan, as well as our sorrow.