Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just gave this poor soul $20. Woman, prob in her 60s, sitting on the street
knitting, she had horrible deformities on her face, and extreme discoloration,
purple and pink. You couldn't NOT stare. She was tucked in a small alcove
against the Saks Men's store. I passed her and of course, her being used to the
looks, felt my gaze and looked up. Her yellow lab sleeping by her. She smiled at
me and said, "Hello there." I didn't flinch from her and greeted her back, then
went along my way. Suddenly, shopping wasn't as attractive. On my way back to my
car, I was hoping she'd still be there. She was, and I gave her the $20. "Well
thank you very much!!!" She said. I told her to take care, and she told me to as
well. Bless her heart.