Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yes, it snowed in Burbank today. Snowed! This is video I shot inside my car, and you'll have to pardon my annoying commentary but I was pretty amazed!

Monday, February 21, 2011

After Starbucks, it was around 7pm and I decided to give this weekend's sales one more shot. I drove to Nordstrom Rack which sits in a shopping center of big stores, including Best Buy, Michael's, Lowe's, Target and so on. The sales had pretty much sucked, being nonexistent or really chintzy. My main goal was to get a pair of curtains and rods from Restoration Hardware, but that's another story.

Dogs rescued from the street

The road to the shopping center goes by the Burbank Animal Shelter and runs alongside the train tracks. It was upon passing the shelter that I saw two small dogs, scared, confused and frantic, run out into the road. I honked, traffic slowed, and I pulled over. As I backed up, I saw one of them go for the street again, her little body back lit by car headlights. I breathed in as I was sure I was going to witness something horrible. Thankfully, an SUV had also stopped and a woman passenger got out to help, leaving her door open. This alerted the other drivers that something was wrong. I walked into the street to where the little tan dog was, and luckily, she came right to me when I called her. As I stuffed her into my car, I saw that she'd clearly just had puppies or was pregnant. The woman who had jumped out of the SUV was chasing the other dog toward the shelter. I jogged up the entrance ramp to the shelter, but then realized I was too far away and got back into my car. When I backed up to where she was, she had the other dog clutched to her chest.

"Well done!" I said. She looked out of breath and scared. I learned that she had actually thought the dogs were mine and had jumped from the car into traffic. How nice of her to stop and help! I told her that I saw them running into the street and figured some asswipe had dumped them. I told her that I'd make sure the dogs would get to the shelter, which was closed, and if not, then I had another option. The people at Petmania run an awesome adoption program. She couldn't take them, as she had a dog. For those of you that read this blog, it's obvious why I couldn't take them. She handed the dog to me, and I now had two little warm bodies huddled against me, hearts racing. However, they were clearly tame dogs who had been around people and very glad to be off the streets. The cruelty, stupidity and callousness of people just amazes me. How could that man think dumping them outside a shelter was humane and safe?!

By then, another man, who had been filming for his documentary on the trains, saw the whole thing and came over. "You rock," he said. He'd also witnessed the guy who had dumped them, and at first thought he'd left the "after hours" cages unlocked and they'd escaped. The thing is though, the shelter and police work together, and to get the cages unlocked, you have to call the Burbank police. The guy made the call for me and we waited for the police to arrive. While we were waiting, he took the picture of us at the top of the post. Blurry, but you can see the adorable angels.

The police showed up and opened the cages, then put the dogs inside together. The cages are in a bus shelter type structure, and there is food, blankets and water inside. The female cop compassionately put another blanket over the door of the cage to provide security and further protect them from the cold. They took my name, and that of the man who had called. The male policeman told me that the shelter has top rate security cameras, so hopefully they got the license plate of the man who illegally and cruelly dumped the dogs. Whether they will pursue anything, I don't know. I'm going to call tomorrow to check on their welfare. And, see if I can get them into the Petmania program.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just gave this poor soul $20. Woman, prob in her 60s, sitting on the street
knitting, she had horrible deformities on her face, and extreme discoloration,
purple and pink. You couldn't NOT stare. She was tucked in a small alcove
against the Saks Men's store. I passed her and of course, her being used to the
looks, felt my gaze and looked up. Her yellow lab sleeping by her. She smiled at
me and said, "Hello there." I didn't flinch from her and greeted her back, then
went along my way. Suddenly, shopping wasn't as attractive. On my way back to my
car, I was hoping she'd still be there. She was, and I gave her the $20. "Well
thank you very much!!!" She said. I told her to take care, and she told me to as
well. Bless her heart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I had a nice surprise this last week. I lost just under three pounds which brought me to weighing in my one-teens, a weight that I haven't seen on the scale for well, like ever. I think the last time I weighed in my teens was in my early/mid twenties. It was a little shocking, because I'd just continued on my normal track, and wasn't trying to lose any weight, just to maintain. Shocked the hell out of me when I got on the scale, and provided the answer of why my pants were falling down more than usual. I'd already made my goal, so this put me under it.

For those of you that may find this alarming. Don't. This happened with me indulging a few times this week, and still eating as I regularly do. I don't want to lose too much weight and will be making sure that doesn't happen. I think this is my metabolism having adjusted, as well as my eating habits. I eat more times a day and smaller portions. However, this little surprise brought my total weight loss up to 26 pounds. This has been such an wonderful process, to see my body adjusting positively and still get to life a normal life. Like I said, now that I'm at my goal weight, I indulge, but I guess it's how I indulge that's made the difference.

So, cool.

We have a three day weekend coming up, and I'll be hitting the sales. I went to the Barney's New York Warehouse sale last week at the LA Convention Center downtown. I stopped by the accessories table and was looking at a Miu Miu scarf when I felt a light touch on my right arm just below my shoulder, almost like a ghost's fingers on my skin. I looked up and saw a woman across from me who was working the sale. She looked at my arm and her eyes widened to two large saucers. She said, "Oh girl, don't move."

For some reason unknown to me, I remained calm. "What is it?" I knew that whatever it was, it was alive. I asked again, "What. Is. It?" Just then, I felt another brush on my shoulder.

"It just flew away, but it was big. Some bee or something. Big black and yellow stripes, would'a been the ambulance if it stung you kinda big."

When she described it further, I realized it wasn't a bee, but a hornet or yellow jacket. Glad I didn't see it, because my adrenaline would have shot up even more, perhaps alerting it and triggering a sting. Not what I'd come to get at the sale. But, I did end up buying the scarf.

I also finally bought my first Apple touch screen product, with the 32 meg iTouch. I have a Blackberry, and wasn't ready to make the jump to an iPhone yet. I absolutely love the iTouch and have been exploring on it and downloading apps. I even bought a dock so I can listen to my audiobooks at night on a decent set of speakers. It's the coolest thing. It has a two-way camera lens. With one tap, I can change which way the camera shoots video or a picture, away from me or toward me. I discovered that by accident. Sure, I could RTFM, but what's the fun in that?