Sunday, August 15, 2010

I finished my wall project and think that it turned out really well. I'm very happy with it. Here are some pictures. You can click on them for bigger ones.

My burlap covered wall

Badly lit pic of my burlap wall, right side of the alcove.burlap wall

I figure that I can at least make my little apartment look like "my" little apartment even more. I'm just incredibly pleased with the way it came out, as it softens the place and ties in the colors really well. I put it up with my staple gun, as you can't do it with a normal stapler. The staples won't go through the wall nor hold up the burlap. I further secured the seams with Sobo glue, which is also nonflammable and flattened them. As far as the burlap edges, i treated them with a non-fray liquid before I had them treated for fireproofing. I did this before, because the non-fray stuff is extremely flammable. The whole look is completely removable for when I move out, which will probably not be for a long time! I just shudder at the thought of moving. In fact, if I do, I'll have the movers to actually everything, pack, move, unpack. And, the cats will go to Best Little Cat House while I get out of the apartment for the whole thing. I don't know, perhaps a nice hotel stay. The last times, I've packed and unpacked, which I'm extremely good at, but the movers moved. It's so stressful, I can't even bear the thought of undertaking a move.

Speaking of Best Little Cat House, I took Oliver there for his first grooming. They said he did really well, and even gave him a tie! He looked so dapper and smelled so good. Oliver just back from the groomer looking dapper in his tie! They "Furminated" him, which has helped incredibly with his shedding. I have a Furminator de-shedding brush, and if you have any animal with an undercoat, (Maine Coons have TWO undercoats, making three coats total), I highly recommend this brush. It's expensive, but works miracles. The thing is, that Oliver would only tolerate a few minutes of it so I needed someone who could finish the whole job. He also needed his nails clipped, which he wasn't about to let me do. Afterward, I could tell that he was just so much more comfortable. They said quite a bit of hair was removed. After they are finished, they keep them in a comfortable room, with a web cam so you can check in on kitty via the internet. Oliver hid the whole time, so I never saw him. If you want to check out their kitty cams, which you can pan around, they have several rooms online here.

Last week, a friend, also my neighbor told me that Elijah Wood would be doing a DJ session at Amoeba records, and asked if I wanted to go. I tagged along, and he played a nice eclectic set. It was fun to see him and the people who showed up. Such a mellow affair, yet here is this international star just feet away, playing his jams for us. However, he just seemed like a normal guy, which yeah he is, but again, because of his status and privilege, he isn't. In his young lifetime, he's already super rich, has seen and experienced things that the audience's combined experiences still won't match, yet is not a screw-up. Celebrities can be screw-ups and therefore annoying. He seemed normal, which is why it was that much more profound to think of those things. I'm glad that I am not famous though, nor have the pressures that it entails. That's the bargain. I took this picture of him and sister at the event:

Elijah Wood DJs @ Amoeba Records Sunday, Aug 8th