Thursday, July 01, 2010

I finally caved and claimed one of the storage units in my apartment building. I've been avoiding it for three years because I have a huge fear of spiders, and the storage units are rife for spiders to make their home, including black widows. Widows though, tend to stick to corners near the ground. Last year, I had a big black widow back corner my parking area and just left her alone, even though the sight of her terrified me. She wasn't hurting anyone and just because I was scared of her, didn't mean she didn't have a right to exist. Now, if she were in my house...different story. Same with those freakish palmetto bugs.

I realized that my lack of storage in my apartment...even after several purges, outweighed my fear of spiders. I pulled all my plastic tubs, some filled, most not and everything else that had been crowding my closets and cabinets for the last three years. It was organized, but cramped and stupid to have in my apartment.

So, last week I started going through the full bins, picking through them and pruning what I didn't need to hold on to anymore. When you open your "stored" items, it's always interesting to see what's in there--these items that I just felt needed to be kept because they triggered some memory or represented me at a certain time in my life. Now, I don't. I remember these times anyway without the trigger object, and now they are just taking up space. Some of them are projects I did in college, while a student at Parsons School of Design. I really, really don't need them. And no, they are too weird to be hang worthy in my apartment. Assignments are just that. Weird concepts from the teacher to trigger your brain into thinking about how you'll visually represent that concept. These are from my freshman year, and while I appreciate them, I don't need them to retain what I learned. If these were paintings, or finished fine art pieces worthy of a wall, that would be an entirely different story. But, I was a graphic design major who ended up being a copywriter. I've taken painting classes later on in life. Those, I hang onto because they represent artistic growth. I was also a better student when I took those classes.

We have three days off this weekend. Since the 4th falls on the weekend, we get Monday off. And the shit is going down as far as clutter clearance. I'm even tossing a bunch of clothes, giving them to charity. Good clothes, that I thought I'd bring to a second hand store, but it's been too long, so out they go. Like I've mentioned before, or maybe I haven't here, but I've been on a cleaning frenzy, making the place feel like mine and not the countless other people's who have lived there before me. We're talking deep grime cleansing. Now that most of that is finished, it's time for Operation Clutter Sweep.

On another note, I had a couple star sightings. One was in the parking lot of my grocery store, where I saw Steven R. Schirripa, who played Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri on "The Sopranos." He was carrying some clothes to the dry cleaner. Guess he had some "cleaning" to do. The other was yet another vampire. My hair colorist was doing my hair and Bryce Dallas Howard's at the same time. She is the new Victoria, a vampire with zero capacity to let bygones be bygones, in the Twilight series. But even cooler, she personally witnessed Christian Bale's epic meltdown. I didn't recognize her when I was there, but realized it after. I laughed, because I'd told them both my story of being on the john during our last earthquake. We were talking about quakes and well, the conversation just progressed.

I'm finishing this post on Saturday, the first day of the three-day-weekend. I'm up and ready to go, but first... coffee.