Saturday, June 05, 2010

This week, Dave Bakke, a reporter from the State Journal Register in Springfield, IL contacted me about my last post, where I detailed my reunion with my childhood friend Tony Donaldson. He'd stumbled onto my blog and to my pleasant surprise, found the story interesting enough to write a nice article on it. It appeared both online and in print.

Here it is!

Facebook reconnects old Springfield friends

I'm still completely amazed at the coincidence, since neither of us had been looking for the other.

My job is going great, and I've had some neat successes there that really have made me feel good. I work with a kind, interesting, smart and very creative group, so it's especially nice to know I'm positively contributing. And, doubly so that they let me know the results of my contributions.

Feeling lazy today, so am going to keep this short. It's the first really warm Saturday we've had in a while and laziness is winning the day.