Saturday, May 29, 2010


Love being back in my old job with the wonderful people that I work with. I'm starting to emerge more out of my hermit status when it comes to being more social, even though, as my friends have kidded me, that my blog illustrates differently with my going out a lot! But, what I mean is that it's my state of mind that's changing. And, it's nice to have a good paycheck again. Disney is fun too, because they do a lot of fun things for employees during the week. Last week it was free Baskin and Robbins ice cream and sidewalk chalk drawing. The week before that, they invited the gourmet food trucks to come in. They are a huge thing here in Los Angeles, and a few other big cities, with some trucks that are so popular people wait hours in line for the food. And, all the trucks have iPhone apps, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages detailing where they are going to be that day. I've sampled the Kogi truck, which we had at an Avid event, and it was delicious. Of course, I've had several job opportunities come my way now that I've had to turn down. Always happens that way. The most important thing is that I'm happy and positive, yet have a strong grasp that it could end at any time. Like with my job before at Avid, I take nothing for granted. But, at the same time I'm enjoying each day.

My mom and Jack took a fabulous trip to Turkey and along with seeing some incredible historical sites, brought back some gorgeous rugs. Actually, they bought them there and had them shipped. They arrived a couple days ago. My mom sent me a pic of one, and it's beautiful. I'd asked them to bring me back something pretty from Turkey, and they went overboard! They bought me a pretty necklace, ring holder in the form of a cat, an evil eye trinket made of glass, and an absolutely gorgeous shawl that they bought in Istanbul. I was floored. I expected a little trinket or something, but they really outdid themselves. Because of my family's travels, I now have shawls from Thailand, Kuwait, Mexico, and now Turkey. I love shawls, and always get complimented on the ones that my family picks out for me. My sister just got back from a great trip in Egypt, but I'd forgotten to ask her for a shawl or scarf. However, Jack went to Egypt on a different trip and brought back some wonderful jewelry and a pretty little bag/pouch made by the Bedouins. I think that's going to be my standard request now from traveling family members! I'm going to try to see how many countries I can cover in my shawl collection. Since my sister is a flight attendant, I'll hit her up for when she goes to exotic places. She and Dale have a house in Thailand, so that will be a given.

My nephew turned 13 years old, which officially puts me in the "uncool" category for him. That is, much more than I was already! On his Facebook page, he lists himself as "In a Relationship." Good God! He's in Hilton Head right now with my dad and Marie.

And, I recently reunited in person with a childhood friend of mine, Tony Donaldson, from when I was 6 years old and lived in Springfield, Illinois! I'd mentioned it on this blog before, but I'll let him tell the story of how we found each other, which he posted on his Facebook:

Tony writes:

"This is the coolest reconnection story I've heard of on Facebook. When I was around 5 years old, living in Springfield, IL, my best friend was a girl down the street, Anne Hefley. She was a tomboy, we played together all the time. She moved away when I was about 6, I was heartbroken. I never heard from her again.

In my teens, I raced BMX and started a freestyle team that toured the Midwest. I got into photography in college and started shooting BMX as a freelancer.

I moved Los Angeles to work for a BMX magazine in 1988. I still live in Los Angeles. When I got on Facebook a few years ago, I started reconnecting with a lot of BMXers that have been my friends over the years. One of those riders was Albert Ocampo. I photographed him many times for BMX Plus! while I was there. He's a Facebook friend as well. I was reading the feed one day last summer, Albert had written something (I don't even remember what), and one of the responses was from some girl named Anne Hefley. That name rang a bell. I checked her profile, and she bore only a slight resemblance to the tomboy I remembered. Read a little of her blog and bio, then thought I'd take a chance and shoot her an email.

No response, so I figured it wasn't the same person. A month later, I got a response that started, "Oh... My... God!" It was Anne. She lived a few miles away in Burbank. Took us months to actually finally meet up for lunch (typical in L.A.), but we finally did and caught up on 35 years of life! How amazing to reconnect through a completely unrelated friend. I'd call it random, but things like this really aren't."

And here we are at that meeting.

Childhood friends reunited after 30+ years!!!

I'll post our kid pictures soon, beforehand, but I haven't uploaded them to the web yet. I remember being so jealous of Tony as a kid when he got the Six Million Dollar Man with bionic eye doll for Christmas, and I didn't!!! Like the G.I. Joe with Kung Fu grip, two years earlier, she refused to buy that for her daughter! I remember being in Tony's room and holding the doll, cradling it like it was the Holy Grail, and at the same time feeling like I was holding contraband. And then finally, bringing the doll to my face to look through look Steve Austin's head and get a true bionic vision view of the world! And funnily enough, Tony had another visual treat for me when we reunited, 3D Glasses to view his awesome 3D photography! Here I am viewing them on his iPad.

Checking out Tony's awesome photography

You can check out more of his work here.

I went to a Renaissance Fair with my neighbor/friend Amy as a last minute invite on her part. It was before I was working, but I decided, "What the fuck?" The last Ren Fair that I'd been to was when I was around 13-years-old, so I figured another one was due. It was lots of fun, and let me just say for you boob men out there. If you want to see some wenches proudly displaying their ample, pushed up racks, get yourself over to the Ren Fair. Watching the teenage boys react was priceless. I shot a bow and arrow, with the coaching help of a young woman who gave great tips. I was surprised at how many times I hit the target, even scoring a couple bulls-eyes. Here's a pic of me in all my arching glory:

Me shooting an arrow at the Renaissance Fair

And, here's what your feet look like after a day spent at the dusty fair...

My dusty feet after a day at the Renassaince Fair

The white patches are where my sandals covered my feet. The dark patches are DUST.

That's it for now. I think.