Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have a full glass of Malbec red wine in front of me, compliments of the wonderful restaurant Malbec, which I first went to with my Dad and Shannon. I returned there for a drink with my friend Jan, but that turned into a meal and a full bottle was soon ordered. It's the only red wine that I've taken to so far, and am happy to be introduced to it. It was great to have a girl's night out, too.

I am back at work at Disney, in my same job, yet different. I interviewed yesterday and after the interview was asked if I could start tomorrow.

I could.

It's great to be back with my old coworkers whom I worked with at the end of 2007 and half through 2008. Some things have changed, like the building where they are, and some people have moved on to other jobs. A great core is still there, and it's both weird and great to be a part of it again. There were lots of hugs today and faces that I'd missed. I could tell by the reactions of everyone that I was missed, too. My boss is a really nice guy who I also knew from last time and I can tell they've streamlined things a lot. And, my commute is about seven minutes.

It's a job and process I know, yet more has been added which mixes it up a lot. For a copywriter, that's a good thing. I'm assured a month, but if all goes well it could extend throughout 2010. The job with the advertising agency that was supposed to start on April 14th got pushed back. When that happened, I immediately started looking again. It was a good decision because it kept getting pushed back and now it's uncertain if they are filling it at all. Funny, that an old job reached out and plucked me up.

Since my job at Avid was mostly work at home, it's been over a year since I've had a real work on-site job. Many people think that sounds heavenly, but it can be isolating. I've been wanting to get back into a good office environment because I need to see faces during the day. I won't lie. Getting up was hard this morning and will be for a bit. But, my day today felt longer and more complete, and I ate at regular meal times. I'm feeling tired at just past midnight, which is when I'd just be getting another energy surge.

It will take a while for me to get used to being social again on a daily basis, so I'm just going to be patient with myself as I adjust. And, to being "there and back again."