Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The weather has been cold and dreary, and rain pattered on and off today with looming grey clouds and small, but effective gusts. Total sweater weather, and for a person like me who has no tolerance for the cold, it was sweater, cardigan and shawl weather. Shannon and I decided to combat the wet Wednesday with a night out at Echoplex to listen to some reggae, compliments of the legendary Michael Rose.

Michael Rose @ EchoPlex 4/21/10

The place was packed, and as usual, the Echoplex sound system didn't disappoint. The music was soulful, soothing and melodic, with that unmistakable reggae beat, some songs underscored by political messages, others just about angst, happiness or just being. The crowd was mellow and friendly and I'm not going to even give my theory on why. ;) I'll just say that on the way into the club, we passed a couple cars whose occupants were hotboxing it. Anyway, we swayed and danced among them, keeping the rhythm and again, just letting it in.

It was great, fun and a perfect antidote to the weather. As far as anyone knew, the tropics waited outside and a clear blue ocean was steps away through fine white sand. When we stepped outside, there were palm trees but I swear they were shivering.

Here are some fun shots from the night. You can view larger versions by clicking on them or going to my Flickr page.

Besties Anne @ EchoPlex 4/21/10

Lovin' that Reggae, Mon! Shannon @ EchoPlex 4/21/10