Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Friday, I got a call from the place to which I applied and they're going to try me out for a couple weeks with a freelance position. After my interview, we had talked about that as a possibility and frankly I like that a lot better than just diving in anywhere. It's a smart decision on their part as well, not to jump into hiring someone based on a a few phone calls, a meeting, portfolio and resume. Give it a try, first. So much of success in any job is based on if you gel with your coworkers and fellow collaborators. I'll make my good freelance rate, and even better is the place is so close to where I live that I can walk to work. They are a revered, respected company and it's a great opportunity for me to get back into the game. I'd sent my resume into them responding to a job interview, but it was the networking that got things rolling. Through Linkedin, I found an old friend who had contacts there at the New York office and he graciously sent me a recommendation to his contact, who sent a nice note about me to the Los Angeles office. My fingers are crossed that everything works out. The people I met there were great and the HR person is a huge fan of yep, you guessed it, "The Wire." Love it.

It's always nerve wracking venturing into a new job, regardless of your experience. There are new faces, procedures, challenges and routines to adopt. There are sounds, smells, sights and sensory feelings that are unique to any office. And, the logistics--finding the restroom, the printer, getting your email set up, learning where creative assets are on servers, remembering the names of people in the office and those you may meet only by phone and email. All are things that you must settle into until they become your normal. There is also finding your place in there and making it work for you in a collaborative way with others so that it's somewhere you look forward to going to during the week. I've had many jobs where I was lucky enough to have a fantastic working environment with awesome people. I've stayed friends with many of the people I've met for over 15 years and have friends and a fantastic support network in several cities. I know I'm extremely lucky in that regard, especially for someone like me who has more than a few loner strains in her DNA.

My dad is coming out to visit at the end of the month, and I'm excited about that. We had a really great time driving cross country and the last time that he came out here. It was fun seeing my dad with Los Angeles in the background. All from meeting my quirky neighbors and meeting Shannon for the first time, seeing my apartment and reuniting with the cats that he let crawl all over him for thousands of miles. Plus, meeting the new addition, Oliver, who sat on the floor and just looked at my dad with that inquisitive Maine Coon smile on his face. Oliver is dubious about any males that I have in my house, but my dad has a very mellow demeanor and I think he knew he wasn't in any danger. Scout and Atticus are wary as well, but of course not with my dad. I've noticed that since they've been primarily indoor cats, they've gotten more skittish around strangers entering the house. The Orlando Bloom-alike who lives in the building terrifies all of them. I've told him not to take it personally, but he does, which I find hilarious. The funniest was when my mom was here and Oliver, who had wandered outdoors, tore past him to get back inside and scared the shit out of him. We almost had to peel him off the ceiling. Though of course, he'd deny that. ;)

In other bits, I've been keeping entertained by going out and taking advantage of LA's great music scene. And, I went out with Shannon, Beth and Niall to see a band in Marina Del Rey. Niall was friends with a couple of the members, and they really did have a good sound. The bar was right on the ocean on Washington, with rollerbladers, bicyclists, joggers and walkers passing by on The Strand in the darkness. I scored princess parking, when a free place opened up just as we pulled up to the bar. Let me explain to those who don't live in Los Angeles. To have that happen on a Friday night in Marina Del Rey near the beach, you have a better chance of winning the lottery. The band was good, cosmos excellent, and a good time was had.

If you can, send me some good "first day at work" mojo on Wednesday.