Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me and Shannon in the Photobooth!This picture just cracks me the hell up. It's from the photo booth at the Manifest Equality VIP closing party. As you can imagine, when you add creativity, audacity, alcohol and the Los Angeles public there were lots of hilarious photos that came out of that. They gave us each a print of the photo, so we have a great memento of yet another night of ShanAnnegans. Very cool. It was at the start of a great time for a fantastic cause. Thanks to knowing the right people with the right access, in this case the wonderful David Markland, we got on the list. David was also at Barnes and Noble for my friend Evan Wright's book event. Yeah, the one where we were sitting by two vampires and didn't realize it at the time. This is why I love blogging. You meet the coolest, nicest people. So David, thank you for the invite.

We braved the torrential downpour to get there and Shannon invited a couple more friends who met us there. The rain added to the ambiance. I guess there is just something about art, night, music and rain that works. The event took place in the cavernous space of the former Big Lots store in Hollywood, (pictures at the end of the entry) with plenty of roaming and moving around room. Sea Wolf Plays @ Manifest Equality VIP Party 3-6-10
Sea Wolf performs.

They had two open bars going full tilt and I had my cosmos while Shannon drank Dos Equis. We then drifted through the eclectic throngs of artist types and hipsters, stopping in front of really cool works by artists from every corner of the art sphere. It was great to be among everyone just being comfortable being themselves, us included as we killed time before the performances by Sea Wolf, Modest Mouse and a DJ set by The Crystal Method. Yeah, I know. To say it was awesome is an understatement, because the performances were incredibly intimate due to the setting and low height of the stage. You could walk up and be close, dance or stand back and chill. We stood up close, letting the music course point blank through our bodies, the low notes vibrating the bridge of my nose to my rib cage. The bands were all of five feet from us, and you could watch the intricacies of their play and effortless collaboration with each other. And, I must say that it was a damn good looking crowd that night. We talked to some eccentric, creative and interesting people and really dug the musical acts. Outside, they had a taco truck from The Border Grill which was delicious and fresh. Shannon treated me to a delicious green corn tamale, Mexican coffee and chicken taco. Yum, freakin' yum!! It was just a really well organized, well run and very clearly thought out event.

The Crystal Method @ Manifest Equality VIP Party 3-6-10
The Crystal Method performs their DJ set. Not bad for a phone photo!

What was also great is that during their sets, the band members mingled with the crowd, giving it an even more special, intimate feel. Sometimes members from each would step off stage when they weren't playing, and dance, talk or take pictures with people. The Crystal Method especially did a lot of that, and would bounce around us as we danced to the throbbing beat. It was a fantastic, awesome time. What was really funny is we almost got tagged to take one of the members of the band home that night. Before they played, David told us that Ken Jordan might not have a lift back to Encino. I told David that we'd swing him home if they needed us. David was one of the organizers of the event and was a huge part in making sure things ran smoothly. Turns out they were able to secure Ken's ride home. We got a huge laugh out of the fact that we almost drove one of the members of The Crystal Method home. His equipment would have fit just fine in the Volvo. Now that would have been what Yasmine would call a rock star adventure in its truest form.

Here are some more pics from the event.
Look out for the Evil Smurf!Word.

Manifest Equality VIP Party 3-6-10Manifest Equality VIP Party 3-6-10