Thursday, March 04, 2010

One morning, about a week ago I heard a scream from one of the apartments in my building. Whenever I hear screaming, my ears tune in but I'm not alarmed. There are a lot of well... screamers in my apartment building in the form of girls in their early 20s who are prone to spontaneous shrieking. Don't get excited guys, it's just how they communicate to each other sometimes. It's the vocal version of OMFG. Never being a person who communicated by shrieking myself, it gives me brief pause and I usually tune in for a few seconds to make sure no one is actually in trouble. Seconds later, I heard frantic knocking on doors. Eventually, the rapping made its way to my door. Since I wasn't dressed, I wrapped a blanket around myself and parted the blinds to see the my teenage Russian neighbor and her friend.

After noticing my state of undress, in heavy accented English, she said, "My bird died. I don't know what to do. It's covered in ants and they are going into its brain."

Sweet Jesus. Thanks for the visual. And to all of you out there, you're welcome for me sharing it with you.

Both she and her friend were visibly shaken by it. The bird was a cockatiel that was stupidly given as a gift to her by a stupid friend. People...don't give animals as unexpected gifts. It rarely ends well, and they end up abused, neglected or turned into the pound because the people that you gave them to were not prepared to care for them, nor take on the responsibility that requires daily attention and care. Parents, please tell your kids this. Please. Because in this case, this beautiful bird ended up dead after only two months in her house. And yeah, it pisses me off because it was totally unnecessary. The girl is 17 years old, maybe 18 by now and living on her own. When I found out about the bird I asked her if she was comfortable caring for it. She was, and her parents were coming to visit and she said that they were on her about caring for the bird. The rest is history.

Pardon me while I breathe a moment... In through the nose... out through the mouth.

Okay. Better.

Anyway, I told her that I couldn't help her because if I saw it I'd freak out. Her solution? To put it out in the alley, uncovered, dead in its cage. I found out when another neighbor texted me about it, adding that the water inside the cage was filthy. I texted the landlord and told him about it, knowing that his brother was working around the building. I asked that they dispose of it properly out of some freaking respect, and so that it didn't attract predators and vermin. Not only that, but I didn't want our building being known as having people inside it that think that's an acceptable way to dispose of your deceased pets. I knew where the friend had bought the bird, so I went to the pet shop and asked them not to sell anymore birds to people fitting her or her friend's description. They were pretty disgusted when I told them the story. The store is reputable rescue/adoption-only place, possibly except for the birds. I have no doubt that they didn't know that the bird was being bought as a gift.

Other news is that I'm still looking for full-time work with bites here and there. I've been freelancing and have a couple irons in the fire. Shannon's business is starting to thrive again, so I hope that's an indicator of the economy picking up. I'm looking forward to having a "schedule" again. I won't lie... I don't like the job searching part. While it does have a tinge of excitement to it of new possibilities, the daily grind of it can be tiring, uncertain, frustrating and tedious. I know there's a great match out there and I want it to happen now. Mostly, so I can get that rhythm again of being required daily to output something creative. That is the most important thing for me.

Lastly, for those of you that asked about the dress...

I scored it at the Barney's New York Warehouse sale after a week of looking at every major department store. And when I say scored... I scored. I almost didn't see it, then was walking to the dressing room and there it was, the only one and a perfect size 4. It was meant to be. It's a great LBD (Little Black Dress) with that splash of artsy to it in lace and beading, which you can't see in the picture. I decided to go for more artsy/hip than straight glamor, so I headed over to Nordstrom's at The Grove and chose footless silver sheer stockings. That was my own idea, and it worked perfectly. Downstairs, I found the perfect silver artsy/glam Michael Kors heels and had a star sighting. Shopping along side me was Tara from the show True Blood. Only in Los Angeles. Over to the jewelry counter, and I found the necklace and bracelet, which I paired with a string of loose pearls that I already had. I do have to say one thing, that everywhere I went, the sales people couldn't have been nicer. I was really impressed. Maybe it's the bad economy, I don't know. But, the people were good listeners, not pushy, funny and knew their products. A big shout out to Natalie at the Fashion Square Neiman Marcus. I wish I'd found a dress there, as she was fabulous. She took her time, showed me several dresses and treated me with respect and dignity. I wasn't going to be one of her big Neiman's spenders and drop several thousand, but it didn't matter. The woman who sold me the shoes at Nordstrom's, and by the way, Nordstrom's has an awesome shoe department that blew away both Saks and Neiman's selections, was patient and insightful. So, way to go Los Angeles retail people. Thanks for having fun with me.