Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I woke up last night just before we had an earthquake. Whenever they happen at night, I always do that. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to the buildup or something. When my bed started to rumble and rock, at first I thought it was the cats running around on it. I tilted my head up and saw them looking back at me, wide-eyed and still. After it stopped, a few seconds later the news broke in that we'd just had an earthquake. I fall asleep with my radio on, listening to Coast to Coast radio show on KFI640. The station is just blocks from me so they felt what I did. It was a 4.4 that hit at 4:04AM. How do you like those numbers? And, it hit on the 16th. Four times four is 16. I love that.

As usual, just in case what we'd had was a pre-quake to "The Big One," I got up, put on a T-shirt and some undies because I was not going to be dragged out of rubble naked, on national TV. And yeah, that's what I think of after every quake. If I'm naked as a jaybird, on go the clothes. Funny, because this morning I heard one of the DJs on a radio show say that he does the same thing. His words, "I check to make sure I'm not starkers in case it's a pre-quake."

Nice to know that I'm not alone in my race to the dresser.