Thursday, November 26, 2009


For having a great job, my health, my family and most most awesome car.

For all the wonderful souls whom I've met in my life, that accept me despite all my quirks, faux pas, marching out of time to my own drummer and bad hair days.

For the perspective to know what's important to fight for, and what's trivial radio static.

For having an incredible support system of friends and family.

For my ability to recognize toxic people, and more important for the wisdom to be able to walk away with no need for the last word, to right wrongs, fix misconceptions, and yet wish no ill will despite having endured their despicable behavior.

For my beautiful, wonderful cats and the love and laughs that they bring to me. As well as to my friends, family, neighbors and to passersby who say "Look!" and "Awww," when they see them looking out my window. I'm happy they provide a smile for you.

For having a fiercely independent spirit that pushes me forward when walking against the wind.

For my awesome friends, part of my California family, who had me over to Thanksgiving dinner this evening.

For my blog readers who send me the most incredible emails and share their own lives with me, make me laugh, think and remember how much we all have in common.

For the generous souls who donated to help Oliver, some, who have left this world since then.

For old friends who found me and got in touch through the wonders of the Internet.

For my creativity, sense of humor, ability to wonder and the gift to express them.

And, for my own hard-earned peace and belief in myself that steadies my course when doubt makes me waver.