Sunday, August 30, 2009

I took these photos just down the street from my apartment of the gigantic plume of smoke from the La Canada "Station" fire. The photos don't do it justice on depicting just how massive it was. Looked like a volcano exploding. The fire tripled in size in one day and as of today isn't contained at all. And, for the last few days it's been over 100 degrees outside. Today it looks overcast, but it's the smoke, not clouds which hang over the city. Click on the photos to view larger versions.

Smoke from the La Canada fire

La Canada Fire August, 2009

La Canada Fire August, 2009

I returned at night and shot these from the same vantage point. The glow is from the fire, and while I was standing there, actual flames were visible coming over the mountain. I did the best I could to capture it with my little camera and no tripod.

Same vantage point at night - Fire glow

Flames creep over the mountain