Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans.

This past couple of weeks has really kicked me in the behind. One, because I'm on a learning curve with the new job, and second, because I'm finishing out the work I've been assigned for the television recaps. I'm shocked that so many of you have stayed with me and keep checking back. I'm always surprised by the amount of hits I have on this blog by the end of the day even when my updates have slowed down. Again, I'm going to try to fix that.

On Wednesday I learned that my new company gives us TWO paid days off for the Fourth of July. Awesome for me, who needed the extra time off to make this transition easier. And, to clean my wreck of a cluttered apartment and partly, my wreck of a self. I got my "hair did" on Thursday by the awesome person who always makes me look fabulous. I told him he had his work cut out for him. He's so cool and gives me a rock and roll beachy style that is perfect for my massive amount of hair. Now, I just need to sprout an extra arm so I can style it the way that he does. It's always fun to go to that salon.

The job so far is fabulous. In the first week, I was having a meeting poolside on top of a swank hotel and then on another day, on a photo shoot as the "marketing connect" for a product in a downtown live/work loft for one of our products. Fun to see these creative, smart people collaborate well and produce such high quality results. We had a model as well, and he was great. Also interesting, was we were on video meeting with another art director in Quebec, who also had a direct connection to us. They would hold up the laptop, with a live shot of him on screen, and bring him around like a disembodied head to look at the shot set ups. There were a few instances of crackups because of that. I took a few pictures of everything going on. While still on my learning curve, I wrote the copy for the packaging. I've really enjoyed the challenge and my ability to step things up while still retaining my "space." I'm excited about the challenges that are ahead, and even more so when I get more settled in and "one" with the multitude of products and the workings with the company. So, all is good on the work front, and while of course I have my moments of self doubt and nerves, I understand that they will pass. When that happens, I sort of just relax my body and let them blow over me like a sudden strong wind. If I don't try to fight it, and just let it push my body where it wants until it's over, I haven't expended valuable energy nor given into their desire to disrupt me.

Oh, and within fifteen minutes of being on my new job, I was complimented on my shoes.

A few blocks from me, the King of Pop lies in state awaiting burial at the same place. During that meeting by the rooftop pool, my boss received a news blip on his iPhone that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital. Thirty minutes later, on my way home from the meeting, news broke on the radio that he had died. I texted my boss the news in case he hadn't heard. I have mixed feelings about his death because of the allegations that we all know too well. I have no idea whether he was guilty or not, but the mixed feelings come from the fact that I like so many people enjoyed his music and magic, if you will. He was a talented, fantastic entertainer who had an almost supernatural control over his body in his dance moves. I don't know one person who didn't enjoy his music during their lifetime or can't link one of his songs to a poignant moment in their lives. I myself can remember the elation I felt when I finally mastered the moonwalk when growing up. However, the sad part is that Michael Jackson was never comfortable in his own skin, literally. Because his parents were more focused on building his music career rather than a solid emotional foundation, as an adult he didn't have the tools to deal with well, just about everything. It's no excuse if he hurt children. I have no tolerance for those who hurt children. However, seedy opportunistic parents with their eyes on the big payoff were all too eager to feed their children to Michael Jackson. And, they are just as guilty if not more if the worst indeed happened. Jackson was a vulnerable person who was reckless in making himself the perfect target for those who wanted to exploit him. Like I said, if he indeed hurt children, that changes everything I just said. But, it doesn't make things any less tragic for everyone involved.

Last night on my way home I passed the funeral home. Already, several news vans, trucks, cars, huge mobile units were parked outside, claiming their spots like greedy kids on the rushing out to recess calling first through third swing. Most of them weren't occupied, but there as place holders to their turf once the focus turns there. I think it will all happen on Tuesday, and that will be weird.

Anyway, enough about that. It's just been so "in your face" here. And on Tuesday, it's going to be in my face.

So, back to enjoying my weekend. I have no big plans tonight except to enjoy the multitude of fireworks displays around. I didn't go out of my way to plan anything, unlike other Fourth's where I make plans with friends. Sometimes, there are times to be mellow and this feels like one of them for me. Shannon and I went to Nolan's last night and hung out. We had planned to go over to Hollywood but reeled in our plans for fear of it being crazy out because of the holiday weekend.

Now, time to get back to enjoying said weekend...