Tuesday, June 02, 2009

For those of you following the extremely sad story of Air France flight 447, I point you to Dave's site, who has some insight and intelligent comments from his readers. Dave is a commercial airline pilot who mostly flies the same kind of aircraft that disappeared mid-flight over the Atlantic. He offers a couple of possible scenarios from a pilot's perspective, one which had me looking up what a "super bolt" of lightning was on Google.

His has been a favorite blog of mine for some time because of his fantastic writing and descriptions of his travels, and when air disasters happen it's always helpful and interesting to get his point of view. As a somewhat nervous flier, even though I've gotten better over the years, I always think of Dave at the helm when taking off, the time I'm most afraid and it's done wonders for my nerves.

Even so, the Air France accident is a sad and tragic event which plagued my mind last night. I not only was thinking of the terror that the passengers must have endured, but of course their family and friends who lost loved ones. My sister is a flight attendant for a major airline, and while I know airline travel is extremely safe it's still jarring when things like this happen. I could only offer prayer for the victims and families. I know I was one of many whose prayers were drifting up into the ether, joining hands with the prayers of others. I prayed for strength for the ones left behind.

UPDATE: Just read in the comments that Dave's post about this accident made the BBC News website.