Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Written on May 11, 2009

The weather has cooled off thankfully. Now it's back to normal May weather. Nice during the day, cool at night. There are some good developments that have been happening, but I won't mention them here yet as they are still in progress.

I don't have much to report otherwise.

Last night, I drove to the grocery store to settle my ice cream cravings that I've been having lately. Jeez, we get a little hot weather and I'm raiding the Ben & Jerry's selection in the freezer aisle.

On my way there, I saw a Cadillac SUV pulled over by my building in a haphazard way, with flashers on. The passenger door was open, which led me to look at my building, then notice the two young guys pressed up against the wall between the palm trees, taking a leak. Usually, I'd get irked at that, but for some reason this time it cracked me up. They just looked so helpless and caught well...with their pants down. They noticed me at the same time and turned around guiltily. I rolled down my window, and one of them looked like he was bracing for a tirade from me, but I merely smiled and shook my momma finger at them. They laughed, I laughed and one of them yelled repeatedly at me, "I'm sorry!" It was hilarious. I guess they really had to go.

After a night at the bar, Shannon and I hit up Bob's Big Boy where my neighbor waited on us. The two of them took swipes at each other succeeding in both embarrassing and cracking me up. It's always weird having my neighbor wait on me, but after a couple times I'm used to it now.

The weird thing is that I looked over Shannon's shoulder and saw the sallow man. I couldn't believe it. It was three in the morning, and there he was talking some other poor guy's ear off. Luckily, he didn't see me, but my neighbor already knew him by name. Just before that we'd been at the local pub, that is, after Shannon pounded on my window because he wanted to go out. Funny thing, is well, I was indisposed at the time that he did it, so when he moved to the bathroom window I had to yell at him that I couldn't move. Anyway, it was funny and we were on Nolan's bar stools fifteen minutes later. We ended up talking to three stunt men who were really fun to talk to. I tell you, those guys have nerves of steel. I'd gone to put some songs in the juke and when I returned, Shannon had struck up a conversation with them. He went next and told them, "watch over her." The three surrounded me and though I didn't know that Shannon had said that to them, I had a sudden sense of security. They were very nice, confident but approachable and were extremely comfortable in their own skin. And, funny.

Written on May 6th, 2009

Hot. Dry. Windy.

I came home after eating soup next door to one of my neighbors sleeping on his stomach feet from my door, beads of water glistening on his tan skin from a dip in the pool, in his swim trunks with his toes dangling over the edge into the water. I took his cue and left my door open, stretched out on my couch and fell into a light sleep as I listened to the wind chimes in the courtyard. Perfect.

When I woke, it was hot. I relented, shut the windows and blinds, then turned on the air conditioning. I can't sleep well when it's hot, so let the cooling of my apartment begin. It's so funny when I compare my hot weather posts to ones like this. Both have their merits.