Monday, May 04, 2009

It looks like I have three little earthquake predictors in my house. They were acting nuts the day before the earthquake, so much that I actually Tweeted it. Look to the right if you don't believe me. And, the follow up after the quake hit. I got a lot of emails from people because I also updated that on other social networking sites. It was just a little quake, but nearby and shallow so it was felt in a lot of areas.

That day, they were "off." Just wandering around as if looking for something, and extra jumpy. Oliver roamed around the pool area meowing, which was very unlike him and Atticus raced around the house. Scout was extra alert and also went if something was making a noise and she was trying to find out what it was. It was odd enough that I noticed it. I can't explain it. I even said to them, "Are we going to have an earthquake?"

I let them out when I'm home, and make sure that they stay within the pool area. I leave my door open so I can keep an eye on them. They're really good about sticking around, and it's funny when a noise spooks them and all three come racing in. I never, ever let them out if I'm not home. Too much risk out there, but I know they love it so this way they get to stretch their legs a bit. And eat grass, and then come inside and throw it up right beside me. Um. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm glad there's an enclosed area where they can walk around and socialize with my neighbors.

There are some other things going on that are good, but I just can't mention them here! I've been in a good state of mind lately. Especially tonight when I was taking a rest on my couch. It was one of those quiet dusks where everything just takes a breath and cooperates. So, you find the rhythm and breathe in time with it.

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