Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We finally got a reprieve from the three-day heat wave. I plan to walk later in my gorgeous neighborhood, as I have a feeling many others will do. It's crisp with a slight wind and partly cloudy. Perfect.

I've had some great prospects and that's all I'm going to say for now. I'm hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed.

On April 15th, I was sitting smugly in my apartment, watching the news about people who waited until the last minute to do their taxes when it hit me. I hadn't mailed in my state taxes. They were finished, just not mailed! A couple weeks before, I'd turned in my Federal taxes in person at the IRS office, to a no-nonsense humorless old lady whom I finally won over enough to get one of the corners of her mouth to turn up. Just barely. Even so, I felt triumphant. I'd cracked through the iron curtain frown of a veteran IRS worker two weeks before tax time.

So, back to that night. Smug as a bug in a rug until I looked over at those envelopes. I went to my local post office and just missed the cut off time. When I walked in, they were helping their last customer, a guy who I'm sure was thinking when I was turned away, "Sucks to be you."

I waited for rush hour to pass, then drove to the post office in Van Nuys, that was staying open until midnight. When I arrived, news vans were lined up in front, newscasters readying for the 11:00 broadcast. I was NOT going to be on TV. Not a chance that I was going to be the object of someone's smugness. There were a ton of cars going into the post office lot, but parking was easy to find once in. Inside the post office, people were surprisingly cooperative with each other and in helpful moods. One guy passed out the rest of his stamps to those who needed them, and another guy saw me standing in line with a stamp and offered to by one for a dollar. I told him not to be silly, that he could just have one. He absolutely refused and put the dollar in my open purse. Feeling horrible, I tried to give it away but there were no takers. Someone said, "Play the lottery." It was funny. I just felt so bad about taking a dollar for a stamp, but perhaps it was worth it to that man who didn't want to stand in line for a single stamp.

Either way, I got them in and avoided being on TV. On the way home, I saw a horrific accident on the other side of the freeway. Firetrucks, police and ambulances everywhere, and on the other side of it, traffic backed up for miles. How close we all come to things. That was the freeway I had taken to get there. Had I waited another half hour...who knows. It didn't look like there were fatalities, but there were probably some pretty serious injuries.

On a lighter note, I took this funny video of Oliver. He makes this adorable chattering sound when I play with him with the laser. It just cracks me up. Make sure your sound is up to view the adorableness in its entirety.

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