Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Me @ Coach and Horses in Hollywood

That's me at Coach and Horses in Hollywood, taken by Shannon last week. The place had been wall to wall people and was in its last half hour of being open. After that, we went to Toi on Sunset, which is a Thai Restaurant that stays open until 4 AM. I think Quentin Tarantino opened it in the early to mid-90s, and it's still rockin'. It's also walking distance from C&H and both of us were feeling that after-bar hunger, even though I went pretty easy that night.

Coach and Horses really has been around forever, at least for LA standards. It was there that I found the back of my head between the cushiony breasts of a Playboy Playmate. Oh, that will get me some interesting Google referrals. But, it was true. I was sitting at the bar and felt the two pillows, like a soft hug. Then a lock of curly bleach-blond hair fell on my shoulder as the woman stretched over me to get her drink. I turned around, my eyes meeting cleavage I don't even dare to dream about having. "Sorry!" She said and smiled. "No worries," I said, "but there were some guys in the room that would probably have enjoyed that a lot more than I did." I can't help myself sometimes. But, she got the joke and laughed. After all, she'd probably heard it all. She stuck out in the place like well...a Playmate in a neighborhood bar. Tall, blond, gloriously plastic and buxom. The guys in the place recognized her and I heard the murmurs of "Playmate" all over the place. Apparently, she was currently on the cover of the magazine at the time. She was very friendly with everyone. And I'm sorry guys, I don't remember her name. So don't ask. And I'm sorry that experience was wasted on me.

I found a great web site that I link to now. For you cat lovers or just novelty lovers, Cooper the cat is attached with a collar camera that takes pictures every few minutes. He's become quite famous and it's fascinating to get a cat's eye view of the world. His owner has a special camera crafted for him that is very lightweight and doesn't bother the cat at all. He's even had his first art show! Aside from the absolute adorableness factor, the site is darn cool.

I noticed that I have "followers" for my blog now. Gee, no pressure now! I like it though, as I get to see who you are too, your blogs, and the blogs you link to. I also like that your blogs are clickable from here, so people can explore from mine. It sounds funny though, followers, as if I'm some cult leader.

Last night, some douchebag threw a full-sized intact refrigerator into our trash dumpster. Aside from being wholly illegal, inconsiderate, environmentally unfriendly and just plain stupid...I want to know how the hell they got it in there. I couldn't believe it when I opened the top, which for me is shoulder height. So again...how did they get it in there? And why? This morning though, it was gone. I told the landlord the night before so I don't know if he dealt with it or what. But what did they think, that the garbage men would just dump it in the truck? I sure hope they saw it before they hooked it up to that forklift flip thing that dumps all the trash into it. Or, that my landlord was able to get it out. I did hear some activity in the morning before the garbage men came, so hopefully that was it. Whether there was a corpse inside... I haven't heard.

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