Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been buried under work and taxes. Thankfully, not the usual pairing with taxes. I'm completely beat, and finished with taxes, but not work. In fact, I have one more bit of work to do tonight, and more tomorrow.

I had a very pleasant turn of the day when my friend Felix came over. It was great to see him and catch up a little. Unfortunately, my apartment was a complete paper-strewn sty when he came over, but hey, I've known him for almost 20 years. Yesterday, I'd IM'd him about my computer going on the fritz and sent a picture of my screen. It turned out as he suggested, it was only the video card. And just my luck, he happened to have a spare one and came over today to install it! He lives about half an hour from me, but was going to Fry's computer store which is nearby. He also beefed up the security system for my wireless modem and computer in general. And, hooked up a digital cable that I wasn't aware worked on my computer. I've known Felix since my NewTek days and we've stayed friends ever since. We were both in tech support, which has got to be one of the worst jobs ever. Eventually, we got out of it and moved to other parts of the company. I was moved into marketing which included traveling to set up and work at shows like NAB, E3, CES and the like. You geeks will know what those mean. Felix is someone with a thousand stories and funny as hell. He's also a computer genius. And this is where I get to say that I have some great friends. I'm incredibly lucky in that regard, because being someone who hasn't always been easy to be friends with when I had undiagnosed depression, that is saying a lot. When I look back, the one thing I can say that I hit the jackpot with is the people that I've met in my life. And while right now I'm pinching pennies, in the people arena I'm very wealthy.

Oliver the SentinelFelix is also one of Oliver's benefactors. It was great that they got to meet. And for you other benefactors and those of you who ask about Oliver, this is one of my most recent pictures of him. Each month, he'll relax a little more. He's plenty happy and friendly, but all of a sudden he's been purring much more. Just warms my heart. I'm so proud of him.

Okay, for this next all better be sitting down. No, it's no big deal but just may surprise you. I've applied at one of the major bookstores here. I've been contemplating it for months and finally went in and did it. I currently work from home and am going stir crazy. I need to branch out and have a bit more social activity during the day or whenever in a work sense. Second, I think 32 hours a week will get me health insurance. Last but not least, I need the money and the economy here isn't the best. It's a low stress solution and to be honest I've missed it. I really enjoyed it when I worked in the Calabassas store. I made sure that I met the manager and told him outright that I had three years experience. He said there just might be something opening up at the end of March, and that they prefer someone with experience. So, we'll see. I was surprised to hear even that since the economy is so bad. Of course, when I got home I got two calls from creative agencies that have been silent for weeks. Murphy's Law. However, I'm getting tired of the fits and starts of freelancing. If I can have two steady gigs, one that offers insurance while I look for full-time work, that will be ideal.

Speaking of work, I better get to it.

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