Monday, February 02, 2009

Yes. I know. Really. I do. I have a post in the works, but because I've not been posting as much, I'm going to give you a random post on my blog. I have a lot of new readers, and have been thinking of doing this anyway, sort of a random post for the week or something. I looked back and I have a heck of a long blog. Some of you read it from start to finish, and that just floors me. Others stumble upon it and start from the page they find. I have no idea how I'm going to choose the random posts. However, this one is appropriate with how cold it's been this winter. So, here goes while you're waiting for the real one:

Random Post.

And in the meantime, would the person who kindly emailed me the html directions to fix the positioning of the picture on my blog, please send them again? I've searched high and wide for your email and can't find it. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

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