Friday, February 06, 2009

This is why I love this town. You can end up hanging with hot young Hollywood. It was part of a long overdue Anneventure that I was craving. This opportunity landed in my lap and I went with it. One of the benefits of working my own hours is when I get a whim to do something, I can do it. In this case, it was be part of the audience for an independent film that Mark Ruffalo is directing called Sympathy for Delicious. I went with no expectations but ended up having a good time as you can see below. What a cutie.

Me and Orlando Bloom

Horrible pic of me, but I'm with Orlando Bloom. What can I say? He outshines me. And, he was a sweetheart. He took some time to talk with people and take pictures, so I decided to have mine taken. A nice woman who was there took the shot, and I lived up to my usual horrible picture taking lately. I then almost killed myself when I got off the stage. Christ. Talk about a misjudge in height. However, my gymnastics background saved me from a face plant. Yes, that's eye makeup he has on but it was for a character he was playing. Bloom played a rock star, or heavy metal singer called the Stain, or Stain. Cracked me up. It had been a while since I'd gotten a taste of participating in something Hollywood, that is, being part of creating the fantasy, so I went for it. It was an intimate setting in a gorgeous old theater which I was also excited about seeing. Everyone there was cooperative and nice, and it was fun to just be a part of it all. I'd heard about it while trolling Craigslist and at about 12:30pm yesterday, pointed my car toward down town after a meeting at the studio and made my decision to go.

It was one of those things where I let the day decide for me. I'd printed out the directions and if I got out of my meeting in time, I went. If I didn't, or didn't feel like going, I didn't. In this case, I'm glad I went. I didn't expect to get a picture with the star and normally would never ever ever do that on a set, as it is a huge no no, but the opportunity presented itself and Bloom was game, in fact even hanging around to talk to people. Sometimes you gotta just know the rest. I thanked him for not being a Christian Bale.

Holy shit, the Orlando Bloom sites have already found my site and posted the picture above. Damn, you guys are fast! Welcome. Feel free to make yourselves at home.

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