Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been sick the last couple of days, and bedridden. There were times that I managed to get up to hydrate, but those I kept to a minimum because it was just so hard. At first I thought it was from the drinks I had the night before on an emptier stomach than I'd realized, but when the sickness lasted longer, I started to suspect something else. It was awful, whatever it was. But, not as bad as some people have gotten. Luckily I have "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" that I've been listening to on CD. Yes, of course I've read the books, but audio is just such a great experience when it comes to the Harry Potter novels, as Jim Dale, the guy who reads them is just spectacular. I also realized how much I forgot. I'm so thankful to have had them, and this is my first time listening to HBP.

Now, I'm up early due to being woken by my neighbor and his date whom I stepped outside to look at once I realized it was 4:00 AM. I must have been a sight, and thankfully it was dark. I was mostly concerned, because the girl's voice had come into my dream and sounded like crying and I could still hear it upon waking. When I stepped outside, I saw it was one of the Ohio boys and his date. He's sharing an apartment with two other guys and I'm sure was out there for some privacy. They weren't being overly loud, it was just the fright of being woken up a couple times, a couple hours apart by the same voice. The last time I heard that, I ended up helping a neighbor in a hilarious scene right out of the movies. No, not Oliver's former owner. Unfortunately, I can't detail that here as everyone has moments in their life that they'd rather forget, much less have published on the internet. But, in that case, what I had heard was crying from her friend who had knocked back a few too many. Luckily, her husband picked her up so that part was taken care of. It was later that the hilarity with my neighbor ensued. Turns out in this case, that it wasn't crying, but a young couple giggling. After I looked at them and went back inside, I heard the girl leaving, I'm sure curious if not unnerved at what that "thing" was that came out and looked at her. Two days worth of being bedridden and sick does not a pretty picture make.

So, now I'm up before the sun is, having showered and washed my hair to begin my molting back into a human. I'll probably slip back into bed, but for now I'm enjoying listening to the rainfall as the only sound coming from outside. The cats are restless and curious, and my space heater is warm beside me. The entire time I've been sick, it's been rainy and dreary, very fitting and actually comforting. I think I'll be ready to venture out today. But, remain close to home just in case.

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