Monday, January 19, 2009

For those of you in freezing climates, I apologize for what I'm about to say. But, when you live in a warmer climate, you forget that it's cold in other parts of the nation at the exact time that you're driving in your car down a wide, empty street at night, windows letting in the still warm air , a smattering of city lights below and just have to satisfy your sudden urge to do this:

I actually did try this at home...twice.

And yeah, I did that. From the front seat, of course. But I hung out far and tall and let the 80 degree heated air whip over my face and through my hair. I'd done it once before. On the same street, that time an eerie fog hovering close to the ground and the air a bit cooler and damper that night. Again, I was afforded a deserted street all the way down the long stretch of Barham Blvd., as it was past midnight. I'd just seen The Dark Knight. Opportunity knocked, and I couldn't help myself but to open the door.

I think that what spawned my second urge to drive Joker style was that it hit me that it was January. And, I had forgotten it was cold in other parts of the country until the news came on and mentioned the frigid temperatures in the Midwest and East. It came on just as I was cresting the top of Barham Blvd., oddly enough which leads right past Warner Bros. Studios, which released The Dark Knight.

It's harder than it looks. Don't try it at home. Don't do what I did. Especially if you are in a cold climate. Oh, that frost burn would leave you looking like The Joker for real. I read that it's supposed to be 16 degrees outside for the inauguration on Tuesday. Maybe like the 7th inning stretch in baseball, an announcer should tell everyone to body huddle every half hour. I sure as hell hope those Porto potties have heating.

Anyway, it sounds cold as hell and I hope you all are staying warm. By the way, if you want a great hi-res look at that picture, I suggest you click on it and view the original size. Yep. Pretty damn exhilarating.

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