Sunday, November 16, 2008

The fires here are pretty incredible, eating up neighborhoods like an uninvited uncle at Thanksgiving. It surprised me that we're having them so late in the year, and I'm always curious at how they start. I know we are having Santa Ana winds, but what I want to know is where the spark comes from. Once one starts, it can set off several due to flying embers carried by the wind. It's smokey here, so much that my apartment smells like I have a fire place and after returning from a late night jaunt to the grocery store, my clothes smell like I've been sitting around a camp fire. Outside, my apartment, the courtyard lights create beams because of the smoke in the air. What's incredible is that nearest fire is twenty miles from here. Yet, the air quality is very poor because there are so many and they form literally, a ring of fire around Los Angeles. We've been told to conserve power because a lot of transformers that supply power to the Los Angeles area have burned.

This afternoon, the daylight had a yellow glow and rays of sun cast orange highlights. The news is 24/7 fire coverage. Literally. I'm guessing they do that because people who are displaced or traveling in those areas need the immediate information to know if they can go home, or status on their neighborhoods if they've been evacuated. Montecito, near Santa Barbara was completely torched. I really feel for everyone who lost homes. It's going to be a long, hard road back. Displacement has to be one of the worst things to go through emotionally.

My hat's off to the firemen and women out there fighting the fires, and my heart goes to those who have lost homes.

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