Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I witnessed a spectacular display of physics tonight in the grocery store. I was standing by a woman in the beverage aisle as she took a two-liter bottle of club soda off the shelf. Apparently, the weight shift of the bottle that she took was just enough to tip a two-liter bottle of Collins mix off the shelf. It fell about six feet, landing right on the cap end. The pressure then shot the cap off and launched the bottle from the ground, propelled by the supercharged carbonated Collins mix. It made a spectacular arc in the air higher than both of our heads and lodged itself between two jugs of apple juice on the top shelf. Trapped, it shot its wad all over the aisle.

Me: Holy shit.

Her: I'm so sorry!

Me: For what? That was freakin' awesome. Totally made my trip to the grocery store worth it.

When one of the store employees came over, I told her what happened and she said, "I'm totally going to check the security video for that one."

I'll keep an eye on YouTube for it.

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